How a man can increase his penis thickness using both surgical and home methods

One of the most popular questions among men is how to increase the thickness of the penis. They are asked by representatives of the stronger sex who, for some reason, are not satisfied with this parameter of the penis. To solve the problem of an intimate nature, modern surgical methods are suggested. You can also use home methods to correct the thickness of the penis.

Standard size concept

Men have questions about how to increase penis thickness at home after comparing the size of their penis to the average.

According to studies, the average size of a man's penis when erect is 12-13 cm. The measurements should be taken from the root of the penis to the end of its head. When measuring, several indicators are taken into account, namely the diameter of the reproductive organ and the girth.

Not only the length of the penis is of interest, but also its thickness. Typically, the girth of the penis should be about 10 to 11 cm. The diameter is 3 to 4 cm.

Methods of increasing the thickness

In fact, it is entirely possible to increase a man's penis thickness if you approach this problem responsibly and competently. It is best to seek the assistance of an experienced professional who can recommend the best method for correcting the reproductive organ.


Hyaluronic acid injections help enlarge the penis. They are actively used by women who want to correct their own lips to make them plumper. The same result is achieved with injections into the male penis.

Injections are given under local anesthesia. The entire process takes no more than 30 minutes. After the patient can go home, their hospitalization is not required.

Hyaluronic acid injections are not considered an operation. Only one puncture is performed during the procedure, through which the gel is injected. After that, the man is advised not to have sexual intercourse for 2 weeks.

The effect of thickening the penis after the injection can be observed for 6 months. Sometimes this period reaches a year.



Lipofilling is another procedure that answers the question of how to safely increase the thickness of the penis. This surgery refers to the transplantation of the patient's native adipose tissue into the penis. It is common practice to take material from problem areas. After that, by the injection method, it is distributed under the skin of the reproductive organ.

I have to know! Subcutaneous fat can spontaneously dissolve. Therefore, the procedure for thickening the penis is short in duration.

After the introduction of fatty tissue, bumps and bumps can appear on the penis. The development of swellings cannot be ruled out either.

Transplantation of skin and fat fragments

Since the lipofilling does not provide a long-term result, the specialists have decided to modify it a little. Now doctors are offering men the transplantation of fragments of skin and fat that make the penis thicker.

The operation requires tissue from the patient's gluteal area. They are more suitable for transplantation, as they are characterized by high density and good resistance to loads of different intensities. After collection, invisible scars remain on the body.

During the operation, the specialist makes two incisions that run along the shaft of the penis. The prepared strips are straightened under the upper part of the penile tissue. Then the surgeon has to sew up the cuts. The operation takes an average of 2-3 hours.

A man in the cold

Autotransplantation of muscle tissue

The operation promises a long-lasting result. Fascial adipose tissue is used when performing an autologous transplant. Fascial-muscular elements can also be involved. They have a vascular pedicle that increases the chances of a successful transplant and proper functioning in the future.

Important! Muscle tissue autografting is not suitable for every patient interested in penis thickening. There are serious contraindications to its implementation, in which the operation can endanger a person's health.

This method of correcting the thickness of the reproductive organ offers a number of important advantages:

  • Provides long lasting results.
  • Increases the size of the penis not only in thickness but also in length.
  • Prevents the penis from contracting when exposed to unfavorable temperatures.

If a man has contraindications to autotransplantation, the doctor will help him choose a safer method of increasing the thickness of the penis.

Penis thickening with a biodegradable matrix

When a man is disappointed with his penis or its thickness, the surgeons offer him methods by which the parameters of the penis increase. With this result, you can perform an abdominal surgery that uses a biodegradable matrix.

The surgeon implants a special matrix under the skin of the penis. As a result, its size and thickness are increased significantly. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

There is a high probability that the matrix will not take root after the operation. In this case, the inflammatory process begins, which has a number of undesirable health consequences.

Abdominal surgery is only prescribed to a man if he has certain indications. The result achieved in the course of radical therapy lasts until the end of life.

Manual and hardware techniques

A specialist will tell you how to increase the parameters of the reproductive organ. He will recommend safe ways to correct the thickness of the penis at home that will have good results.

An increase in the thickness of the penis can be achieved through regular massage and the use of aids.

The effectiveness of manual techniques in changing penis size has been repeatedly demonstrated. Their only downside is that massages don't give quick results. Men need to be patient and wait for the penis to grow in volume.

Enlargement of the reproductive organ is possible through exercise and regular training. Men can get a positive result with the following exercises:

  • Julia. This implies a gradual squeezing of the penis, which is in a semi-excited state. In this case you need to use OK capture. The penis is fixed in one position for 15 seconds. After that, you need to move your fingers a little and repeat this action. Similar manipulations are carried out over the entire length of the penis.
  • Jelqing. Exercise allows you to pump blood by moving the OK capture of the penis. Movements are made from the base of the penis to the position of its head. It is recommended to perform manipulations with two hands. The pressure on the organ should alternate.
  • clamping. The exercise involves maintaining pressure in the penis by squeezing the shaft with a yoke.

The training effect increases if the man uses aids in parallel. Increasing the thickness of the reproductive organ can be achieved with extenders and erection pumps.

Non-operative methods

Non-surgical correction methods are also useful for men who want to make their penis thicker. They are considered safer than surgery. Another advantage of the methods is the availability of their implementation at home.

Massage and movement

The easiest way to increase a man's penis thickness is through regular exercise and massage. It's worth looking at each option individually.

It is recommended to use a special lubricant during exercise. This will help avoid possible injury and make it easier to carry out individual manipulations with the penis.

watch out! Exercise should be done with an incomplete erection. It is forbidden to do sports if it causes severe discomfort and pain.

The massage is performed with circular movements along the genitals with the hands. You need to move from the base of the penis to the top of its head. As with exercises, before performing any manipulations, you need to apply lubricant to the penis to improve gliding with your fingers and palms.

Extender to increase the thickness of the penis


Men can find special devices for sale that can increase the thickness of the reproductive organ. If you use the extender strictly according to the instructions, it will increase the volume of the penis while not damaging it.

The extender is used as follows:

  1. It is necessary to securely fix the penis in the auxiliary device.
  2. With the help of the device, you need to tighten the reproductive organ well.
  3. The penis should be left in this state for a certain period of time so that its tissues have time to stretch sufficiently.

These actions must be performed daily, increasing the load each time.

The first results of enlarging the parameters of the penis are noticeable 2 months after starting to use the extender.

This method allows you to adjust the size of the penis, which will then be maintained for life. This is the main advantage of the non-surgical method.

vacuum pumpVacuum pump to increase the thickness of the penis

Men use a vacuum pump to replace an extender. The device has a temporary effect of changing the thickness of the reproductive organ. At the same time, you can safely and painlessly increase it at the right time.

Penis enlargement with a pump is due to a large increase in blood flow because there is a low atmospheric pressure around it.

The process with this device should not exceed 20 minutes. Otherwise, the man is threatened with darkening of the penis and the appearance of seals.

Ointments and creams

Many men who want to know how to increase the diameter of the penis, prefer special creams and ointments to achieve the goal. Such funds can improve blood flow to the intimate organ. Because of this, the size changes upwards. In addition, local cosmetic products have a positive effect on potency and male erection.

Most ointments and creams contain hormonal components. So it is highly recommended to consult a specialist before using it to prevent health problems from occurring.

hormone pills

The hormonal preparations with systemic effects contain testosterone, which has a positive effect on the development and growth of the penis in men. The application takes place exclusively under the supervision of a specialist. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the patient to avoid developing side effects.

It is strictly forbidden to take pills to increase the thickness and length of the penis without a doctor's prescription. The uncontrolled use of drugs can lead to complete loss of erection and other diseases.

Training for a man

Tips for men

In order to improve the effectiveness of the methods used to correct the thickness of the penis, men should simultaneously adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. We have to give up junk food and completely switch to a healthy diet.
  2. It is necessary to get rid of dependencies.
  3. You must have a normal sex life. In the absence of a constant partner, it is worth replacing intimacy with masturbation.
  4. It is necessary to get used to an active lifestyle.

When choosing a method of thickening penis size, it is recommended to take into account the main indicators, including the age of a man, the initial parameters of his penis and the ability to regularly perform corrective procedures. You also need to consult a doctor who can suggest the most appropriate and safest option for you.