What does a manhood enlargement surgery cost?

Man with an enlarged penis

Many men in the world are dissatisfied with the size of the penis. When traditional methods don't help, surgery to increase male dignity will come to the rescue.

Is it possible to enlarge the phallus without surgery?

Few men in the whole world will be satisfied with the size of their penis. For more than a century, scientists have pondered how to safely and painlessly enlarge it in the shortest possible time.

Over the years it has been shown that there is no single method that guarantees the lengthening of the penis by the maximum number of centimeters quickly, painlessly and effectively.

There are a multitude of websites on the Internet that offer to enlarge the penis by six to eight inches in a few days. Most of the comments and negative reviews from doctors indicate that it is not possible to quickly enlarge the penis with cream, gel or pumps.

All methods have a right to exist, but can slightly affect the size of the manhood and increase it for a short time. Most manufacturers "forget" to report that their miracle gels often have a sea of ​​side effects that lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence.

For whom is an operation indicated?

Surgical intervention for safe penis enlargement is only prescribed according to medical indications. It takes some time but is done under general anesthesia. Young people agree to surgically resolve this problem only in the most exceptional cases, as few people can choose to have anesthesia and spend several days in a hospital.

Only a qualified surgeon from an independently selected medical center has the right to authorize an operation. This spicy operation is approved if there are some sufficiently weighty indications:

  • justified consent of the patient himself;
  • the minimum size of a particular organ that is only visible with the help of special means;
  • problems with erectile function or potency;
  • the presence of an imbalance in hormones of the endocrine plan, due to which the penis did not develop properly;
  • the presence of a decrease in the penis due to the fact that it was injured in the groin area;
  • the appearance of changes in masculinity related to age.

Experts say that an organ should be enlarged with the help of an operation that, when excited, is ten centimeters long and no thicker than ten centimeters.

A clear indication for an operation under general anesthesia is a significant deformity of the penis, the decrease of which is due to prostate adenoma or cancer.

Penis enlargement without surgery

Anyone who has a normal-sized phallus should not opt ​​for a surgical procedure, but simply misjudge it because:

  • compare your organ to the penis of other young people;
  • compare
  • while standing;
  • Compare with a big beer belly;
  • have mental disorders.

In order to increase their manliness in length and diameter, most patients simply have to:

  • to lose extra pounds;
  • remove the layer of fat around the penis;
  • Use a vacuum pump.
  • to ensure high quality use of the extender;
  • change your own diet;
  • Do some exercises to enlarge the body.

Using the above methods, you can sometimes slightly elongate your manhood, but you need to regularly perform actions, all of which are associated with discomfort.

Urologists do not advise lengthening the organ without good reason with gels, creams, and dietary supplements that guarantee immediate results, as they can damage the patient's health through impotence.

According to patient reviews, the result of wearing weights on the penis is not purely positive, as the weighting can lead to tears in the tissues of the penis, perineum and blood vessels.

Contraindications to the operation

In order for penis enlargement surgery to be approved, the patient must go to a medical center whose qualified specialists:

  • examine the phallus of a potential patient;
  • listen to a man's complaints;
  • suggests that the current size of the penis does not allow a full sex life.
  • performs a number of diagnostic procedures and prompts you to perform additional tests.
  • guarantees advice on all questions related to the operation.

Before any penis enlargement is done, you need to consult some specialists. Not only the therapist, but also the endocrinologist, psychologist, andrologist, urologist and surgeon should put their signatures on the bypass sheet.

Before surgery is used to increase male dignity, test results and conclusions should be provided by close specialists and supported with high quality photos, videos and ultrasound results.

Types of corrective actions

It is possible to correct the shape quickly and efficiently and to enlarge the genital penis surgically. In this case, the increase can be five or even more cm.

It is quite easy to combine surgical and non-surgical methods by wearing a high quality and certified extender for quick recovery in the postoperative period.

With the support of the operated penis by wearing an extender, you can save considerable time for restoring sexual function and avoid discomfort and complications.

With the ligamentotomy, you can easily prepare the ligaments that hold a few extra centimeters securely under the skin. The positive aspects of the process are:

  • it will take exactly half an hour or an hour;
  • The patient will fully recover within fourteen days.
  • Complications can be avoided in 90% of cases;
  • there will only be a clean, inconspicuous seam in the scrotum;
  • will be released from the hospital in a few days.

The cost of the ligamentotomy is not high as it depends on the location of the medical center and averages $ 1, 000.

Lipofilling is another popular way to get rid of male problems as it involves injecting your own layers of fat from the peritoneum into the penile shaft. This method allows you to only enlarge this part of the body in width and maintain this effect for several years of full sex life.

After this time, the pumping of fat has to be repeated, as the fat cells can dissolve by themselves under the influence of natural processes in the man's body. According to the reviews of patients, there is no rejection of fat cells, therefore complications almost never appear, and the cost of the procedure must be clarified with the andrologist.

Intervention with implantation

When problems are related to low potency and small penis size, experts recommend resorting to one of the most difficult methods - muscle-type transplantation.

Before you figure out how much the surgery to install a penile implant will cost, you should familiarize yourself with the details of the procedure and its subsequent recovery.

The operation is carried out in several main stages:

  • the tissue of the penis is cut out;
  • muscles are tightened on a quality implant;
  • excess fabric is sewn with high quality;
  • Other manipulations are carried out which are required in each special case.
  • the patient remains at rest until he has recovered from general anesthesia;
  • The control processing of the sutures imposed on the penis is carried out.

The relatively low cost of this type of surgery ($ 2, 500 or $ 4, 500) indicates a number of significant drawbacks:

  • The recovery time after the operation is approximately 35 days.
  • is ​​difficult for men on a physiological and psychological level;
  • is ​​associated with a high risk of post-operative complications.
  • keep coming to the hospital to bandage and treat wounds;
  • constantly monitors all hygiene procedures;
  • refuse sexual intercourse during the recovery phase.

If it is impossible to live without lengthening the penis, the only dignity-enhancing operation that is expensive is penile prosthesis. Fallo prosthetics allow you to install an artificial aggregate that is no different from a natural genital penis.

The price of the prosthesis also includes the cost of materials for the operation, so that $ 2, 000 or $ 10, 000 is reached. The patient of the clinic has to be prepared for severe pain, a long postoperative recovery period and strict adherence to the doctors' instructions.

What determines the cost of the procedure?

It pays to clarify in advance how much you will have to pay for penile surgery, as the cost can vary significantly.

The price of the procedure depends directly on several factors:

  • location of the medical center;
  • Qualifications of the doctor who will carry out the intervention;
  • with additional consumables;
  • level of the medical center;
  • the complexity of the intervention.

For a ligamentotomy without prior and subsequent consultation with an andrologist, you only have to pay $ 200 or $ 1, 100. Experts say that once the implant is installed, the cost of the operation will rise to a record $ 25, 000.

If the penis is extended in capital letters, the operation is more expensive than in regional medical centers. Doctors advise paying attention to the reviews of former patients of such institutions, since no one can guarantee that everything will be successful there.

The cost of increasing masculinity is simply cosmic and is given in the price lists without the cost of recovery after surgery and without treatment for possible complications. Before making an appointment with an andrologist or surgeon, you should carefully consider whether increasing the size of the penis by a few centimeters is worth several months of discomfort, pain, and refusal to lead a normal sex life.