The best exercises to increase the length and thickness of the penis. Techniques for quick results

Despite the proven claim that penis size does not affect the quality of sex, a man with a small penis often believes that he is not popular with fair sex. The British Journal of Urology International carried out a study which found that 85% of women are very satisfied with their partner's parameters. Even so, almost half of men dream of a large penis and look for ways to increase their size.

To become attractive to women and feel like a sex giant, you don't have to spend money on expensive penis enlargement products. There is a completely free method of enlarging the penis a few inches.

Additionally, the effectiveness of many pills, sprays, and gels with creams is likely exaggerated. The real effect will be the performance of the increasingly popular exercises for increasing male dignity.

There are many reasons why the strong half of humanity would like to enlarge their penis. The most important are:

  1. self-confidence. Men who are ashamed of their size are not only sexually complex, but they even avoid discussing intimacy. It is believed that the owner of great dignity is more resistant, active and successful in bed.
  2. There are no clear standards for penis size. The diversity of members of different lengths makes men doubt their solvency. Often they compare themselves with actors from adult films, who are always selected according to impressive dimensions, or with sex toys with impressive parameters from sex shops.
  3. A penis of great length and volume improves the general condition of the stronger sex, increases their libido and relaxation in bed.
  4. Sometimes this desire coincides with a general dissatisfaction with one's own body.
  5. Many people value the opinions and prejudices of their environment.

Exercise professionals

Exercises to enlarge the penis

Penis enlargement with various exercises is the simplest technique that can be carried out at home without any problems, without spending any money. The technique itself consists of muscle growth due to blood filling and stretching of the cavernous bodies.

This method was developed in Great Britain in 1970 by Dr. Richard Brian discovered. After tests were carried out to confirm the effectiveness of the method, the techniques were published in a medical journal on sex.

The advantage of training is that, having passed for several months, you can get the result you want without resorting to pharmacological means.

It is only necessary to choose the most suitable technique, which differs in goal orientation, and to strictly follow the instructions for its implementation.

Exercise has been the leader among home penis enlargement methods for many years. This is the cheapest technique and only takes time. Clinically validated results after training.

Massage enlargement is quick and effective. This method is available to every man without any investment or special training. Only free time is wasted.

You will only achieve the desired effect if you perform the exercises according to all the rules and strictly follow the instructions.

Preparatory preparation

There are several tips that will help you improve your entire sex life. They help with exercise as well as overall male health.

  1. Take care of your physical health. In order to improve general well-being, which also affects libido, it is important to eat properly (without fatty and heavy meals) and to drink water regularly for the body's water balance.
  2. Additional blood flow to the penis ensures regular testicular massage.
  3. Relax before your workout and get the urgent problems out of your mind. A stressful state has a negative effect on an erection.
  4. You shouldn't follow the example of actors from porn movies and try to prolong sexual intercourse as much as possible. In adult films, trained people will do their job every hour on the hour. In reality, it takes a woman about 12 minutes to reach orgasm, including foreplay. Therefore, sexual intercourse lasting 3 to 7 minutes is often enough.

Effective techniques

Techniques for penis enlargement with exercise

In order to achieve the result, all exercises are only performed on a preheated penis in a state of incomplete erection. There is not enough blood flow to the non-erect penis, making the workout ineffective.

To warm up the penis, just stand under a warm shower or lie down in the bathroom. If this is not possible, a cloth dampened with water is sufficient. It is wrapped around the penis and held for a few minutes. After that you can start the exercise.

Stretch - For length

All exercises are performed on a warm penis, so you need to act quickly. First of all, it is imperative to slightly excite the penis, but the main thing is not to overdo it - the erection must be partial.

Stretch to increase the length like this:

  • Take the organ right under your head and pull it slightly in front of you.
  • Hold
  • tense for about 15 seconds and take a break;
  • stretch the penis to the right again, let it stand for 15 seconds, and rest.
  • does the same procedure with an element dragged to the left.
  • repeat approaches.

To avoid injury, the penis is gently and gently pulled. To saturate the head with blood, it is recommended to gently massage the organ. A slight tension with no symptoms of pain is normal.

To increase the volume

Exercise to make the penis thicker and firmer is also performed on a heated, semi-erect organ, with the addition of a lubricant. This is how the maximum amount of blood flows to the cavernous bodies and gives the penis the desired volume.

special exercises for penis enlargement


  • Grasp the base of the penis with your thumb and index finger in a ring (letter "o").
  • with progressive movements from the base to the head "up and down" massage is performed for 15 minutes;
  • Repeat the exercise with the other hand.

Foreskin exercises

This method creates a thicker and denser foreskin. The technology does not require any additional lubrication.


  • put your hand around the base of an excited member;
  • With the other hand, pull the skin towards the head as far as possible.
  • freezes in this position until the excitement subsides;
  • reach an upright state and repeat the exercise.

The technique is performed daily for at least 10 minutes. Avoid extreme fatigue. The effect will be faster as the training time increases. This method can lengthen the penis if done regularly and correctly.


The original technology for enlarging and strengthening the penis is as follows:

  • It is necessary to sit on the edge of the chair so that the member can hang freely.
  • to bring the body to an erection;
  • hang a towel on a tense penis;
  • performs 20 sets of 5 seconds.

Gradually increase the load by making the towel heavier (e. g. it can get wetted).

cone technique

Dr. Kegel's method does not directly affect the size of the penis, but it does significantly improve erection and improve the quality of sex.

In 1948, the gynecologist Kegel invented this exercise to restore the urogenital system in women after childbirth. As it turned out, the technique is also suitable for male sexual organs. It consists in pumping and developing the PC muscle.

exercise steps:

  • when urinating, tighten the current and stop;
  • wait about 10 seconds;
  • relax;
  • Repeat
  • 2-3 times a day.

The muscle that stops urination is the pc. It can be quite weak at first, so many people fail the first time. The PC muscle is noticeably strengthened through further training.

This muscle development lengthens sexual intercourse and helps to strengthen the penis and make it harder. The feeling of sex becomes brighter and the erection is better.


Penis enlargement helicopter exercise

You need to rotate the penis in circular movements for at least 30 seconds, changing direction. One exercise is performed per day for 5 approaches.

Of the above, this is the easiest but most effective way to enlarge your penis.

Exercise effectiveness

The procedure for performing any technology is fairly straightforward, but you should carefully follow the instructions for greater efficiency.

All exercises are carried out with great care. Sudden movements can cause injury and damage to the penis. Don't rush or rework in hopes of getting an effect quickly.

All exercises take a long time, so don't expect immediate results.

The 2001 international journal ImpotenceResearch reported the results of clinical studies that confirmed that such exercise actually promotes penile growth. For 4 months, the test participants were able to increase their size to 1. 8 cm thanks to regular exercises.

Side effects

Therefore, there were no side effects from exercise. The only difficulty lies in incorrectly determining the state of erection during exercise.

With a completely excited member, classes are contraindicated, as overloading can injure the organ. A lack of arousal does not harm the penis, but it also negates the effects of exercise. The optimal percentage of erection with the techniques is around 50-75%. After performing the techniques for some time, it will not be difficult to determine the optimal level of arousal.

If a man experiences pain or discomfort during the procedure, it means that it is not being performed correctly. A feeling of slight numbness of the organ is acceptable, which disappears within an hour.

how to enlarge the penis with exercises

Remember that the penis is the most "sensitive" organ. If the technique for performing the exercises is not followed, the congestion on the penis can take the shape of a bat.

This deformation is not acceptable as it signals an uneven distribution of blood. In this case the training is canceled.

In order to avoid skin irritation and the occurrence of microcracks, it is recommended that all measures be carried out with a lubricant.

advantages and disadvantages

Exercises for penis enlargement have several advantages:

  • You don't need any money.
  • their effectiveness has been proven;
  • In addition to an increase in length and diameter, an improvement in the function of the organ as a whole was noted;
  • The
  • enlargement is done in a safe natural way without the use of chemicals or surgical intervention.

Of the minus points you can note the following:

  • the likelihood of injury if the instructions are not followed;
  • Waste of time: it takes at least 1 hour every day to get the result.

The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Hence, exercise remains the safest, cheapest, and most effective way to resize yourself right now.

To speed up the effects of the procedure, you can combine the training with other penis enlargement options. Recommended:

  • additional use of devices such as a stretcher or an extender;
  • parallel application of special gels;
  • You can also buy an ointment or cream for penis enlargement.
  • the pros and cons of penis enlargement exercises
  • using a vacuum pump to increase blood flow;
  • Use of special sprays.

Special foods and herbs for penis growth, which stimulate the production of the necessary hormones, also strengthen the body and enhance the effects of other means.

How to choose the right penis enlargement method? In fact, there are a lot of them. The most common are jelqing, pumps, creams. It's your decision.