Folk remedies for penis enlargement

a woman with a man who enlarged the penis with folk remedies

Before actively taking penis enlargement measures, you need to understand - is it necessary? After all, there is no need to enlarge the penis, the size of which reaches or exceeds the norm. The reproductive organ in men lives up to 25 years old, so people who have not yet reached that age shouldn't worry too much. Perhaps the growth of her penis has slowed temporarily, but it will resume soon.

A man's penis size depends on many factors: nationality, metabolic rate, bad habits, age. There is an average height that is normal for a certain age. In addition, there are age phases when the penis grows more quickly and more slowly. It depends on the individual characteristics of the person, the levels of testosterone in the body, and the lifestyle.

It is generally accepted that in an adult, mature man (25-30 years old) the average normal size of the penis is 14-16 cm in length and 4 cm in thickness is 10-12 cm and in width of 3cm is also the norm.

How to enlarge the penis using folk methods

If there is a need to enlarge the penis, it can be done at home with the help of folk remedies.

It is important to understand that traditional methods are not recognized by science and can be not only ineffective but also dangerous.

The most common methods are discussed in this article.


A woman measures a man's penis after being enlarged with folk remedies

According to the men who tried this method, it is really effective, which is why its prevalence is widespread. We are talking about a special massage of the penis that a man can do on his own. You need to prepare for this to avoid injury.

The preparation for the massage is carried out as follows: you need to take a small piece of soft tissue that is pleasant to the touch, moisten it with warm water and wrap the penis with a cloth for a few minutes (2-3 minutes). . A warm compress on the organ promotes blood circulation, which makes the massage effective. You will have to do this process several times.

After the preparation, you can proceed to the massage yourself. To do this, you need to take the most comfortable position. Better to lie on your back and relax. Then gently squeeze the glans with your right hand (but not hard! Otherwise there is a risk of damaging the sensitive glans), pull the penis to the side as far as possible (if you feel unwell, you have to stop pulling)and hold in the pulled position for 4-5 minutes. After that, the process should be repeated, pulling the penis in different directions and resting it in that position.

Rest is a prerequisite for the massage. Blood circulation should be restored between treatments. The final stage of the massage is to pull the penis away from you (hold it in the extended position for a minute) and squeeze it repeatedly (10-12 times). After the squeezing is finished, the massage can be considered complete.

You need to do the exercises several times a week and devote sufficient time to do so. All procedures must be carried out slowly and carefully so as not to damage the organ. With the help of self-massage, the penis is enlarged by 1-2 cm, the result is usually achieved after 2-3 months.

Decoctions, teas and apitherapy

Decoction of herbs for penis enlargement

Herbal decoctions and herbal teas are considered an effective way. Everyone knows the "ability" of some plants to influence potency. But not everyone knows that these very plants also help to promote penis growth. You can make medicinal decoctions at home by buying herbs in a pharmacyspecialist markets and stores, but it is better to get them from healers who know which herb is effective.

Don't forget about safety. Hence, you need to buy herbs and herbal teas from trusted healers with a large customer base and positive reviews. The most famous green owners of this "magical" effect on penis growth are: ginseng root, hawthorn, tribullus, thyme and nuts. In Asian countries, the most common method of penis enlargement is with the help of decoctions, teas and herbal ointments.

One of the most effective methods is considered to be ordinary baking soda. It is recommended to be taken orally. But how does baking soda help enlarge your penis? The answer is simple - none. Baking soda doesn't affect the genitals in any way, but when it gets into the body it thins the blood and increases blood flow. Therefore, men who want to increase their size take baking soda before doing exercises that promote enlargement (massage, use of an extender, pumps).

It is believed that if you increase blood flow during exercise, the penis grows faster. But this medal also has a downside.

Soda should be consumed with caution, as its high concentration is very harmful to the gastrointestinal tract.

And people with diseases of the stomach, thyroid gland and malignant tumors - the ingestion of soda is strictly prohibited and life-threatening.

Bee sting for penis enlargement

The most dangerous and effective old-fashioned method is bee venom (apitherapy).

It is important to know that this method cannot be used if you are allergic to bee venom! The procedure for penis enlargement with bee venom is carried out as follows: a genital organ is placed in a pouch with a bee in it. After a bee sting, pull out the stinger. The penis enlarges instantly, literally in front of our eyes. But a bee sting is not enough.

To get the result, you need to exercise daily and use various creams and gels for penis enlargement. The procedure with bees should be carried out several times a week.

There can be several bees in one package (no more than 10). The number of bees should be gradually increased to get used to the painful sensations of the procedure.

The result can be achieved in 1, 5 - 2 months. Due to the influence of bee venom, the penis enlarges by 2-4 cm.

Psychological method and acupuncture

There is a well-known psychological method. Its essence is extremely simple. You just have to imagine yourself with the penis size you want every day. Better to do it at night. A few minutes of power will help produce hormones that accelerate penis growth.

Acupuncture (pressure on biologically active points) can help enlarge the penis. According to the theory, a man has zones that help his penis grow. And influencing them will accelerate growth. If you find all the points and massage them daily, then the result will not be long in coming. However, information about the effectiveness of this method and the presence of "magic" points is not reliable or proven.

Tips and precautions

a woman and a man with an enlarged penis folk remedies

Before starting to enlarge the penis using popular methods, it is necessary to think carefully.

After all, the result is not always what the advertising of the method promises. Do not forget about a person's individual characteristics.

Based on this, a certain method can help someone, but it will be ineffective for someone.

Therefore, it is worth monitoring the results of training and the body's response to it.

In the event of inefficiency and pain, the training should be stopped in order to save time and maintain your health.