How To Enlarge Your Penis At Home: Guaranteed Enhancement

Many men are dissatisfied with the size of their genitals and see it as a serious problem that is ruining their lives. Self-esteem suffers and self-confidence is extremely important, especially in bed. To get rid of complexes, many methods and means have been invented to enlarge the genital organ at home. How effective they are and whether it is worth using them at all, let's find out together.

What are the normal penis sizes?

There is no specific norm for these indicators. A penis length of less than nine centimeters when erect is considered a deviation from the norm in an adult man. Most of the time, the man himself decides whether the normal size of his "dignity" is or not - depends on aesthetic preferences as well as the needs of his partner. The size of the "masculinity" has no influence on the degree of satisfaction of the partner. The opinion that only one large reproductive organ can satisfy a woman is just a myth.

Is it realistic to enlarge the penis?

The genitals are very sensitive to external influences. It has been proven that when sexual desire is satisfied with a narrow diameter medium, the size of the penis can decrease in as little as a month.

If a decrease is possible, an enlargement of the penis is also possible on request. But do you really need to enlarge your penis? To understand this, let's understand that the average length of an erect penis is 12-16 centimeters. The average diameter is 3 or 4 centimeters. If the size of your "dignity" is within those limits, the problem is most likely far-fetched, psychological and not physiological.

When the decision to enlarge the genital organ is final and you have the result firmly in view, let's move on to the methods of achieving this goal.

The most popular are:

  • Jelqing;
  • Surgical penis enlargement;
  • Exposure to massage;
  • Hanging loads;
  • Taking medication;
  • Renewal;
  • Vacuum pump;
  • Gel, spray, ointment, cream;
  • The penis attachment.

The best result for penis enlargement will achieve a complex effect using several methods. You shouldn't expect an immediate effect. The main thing here is persistence and regularity, then the efforts will bear fruit.


Many men are skeptical of penis enlargement methods. In fact, not all of them work as we expect. The biggest challenge is choosing a method that is not a waste of time.

So anyway, how can you enlarge the penis? There are special techniques and exercises.

The technology is considered to be one of the oldest. Representatives of the Middle East and Africa have used it for centuries. Because of the complex of special massage movements it is also called "milking". The manual effect on the penis through jelqing has been tested by many and delivers really impressive results.

For the technique to be successful, you need to purchase a lubricant and follow the instructions. There are different milking techniques. The penis should not be in a fully erect state during use. The erection should not be more than 50-70%.

The effect is achieved by improving blood flow to the genital organ. All massage methods are based on stretching the erectile tissue that makes up the penis. After two months of regular exercise, the cavernous bodies become larger in size, which means that during an erection they become filled with a greater volume of blood, thereby increasing the size of "manhood".

The techniques are many, and if you want it won't be difficult to find a tutorial on how to implement them and a training video. Here we take a look at 2 popular exercises that really work.

how to increase penis size

Exercises for penis enlargement

Exercise 1

Before "milking" directly, the erectile tissue of the penis must be warmed up. This increases their elasticity. The easiest way: heat salt or muesli in a pan, pour into a bag, apply to your "dignity".

Next, we provoke an erection (not at full strength), use a lubricant to treat the penis. At the base, we wrap it with our fingers, forming a tight ring. Then we move the ring very slowly towards the glans as if we were pulling out the penis. You don't have to touch the head. We start with 30 routes and gradually increase their number to two hundred.

exercise 2

During this exercise, pressure is applied to the penis with the entire palm of the hand. We wrap it around, press it for at least 10 seconds. When your penis extends beyond one palm, you can join the process with the other. When squeezing, you need to alternately pull the penis left, right, down and up. The pressure should be strong but painless so as not to damage the soft tissue. Reviews promise an increase in the size of the penis by 1-2 centimeters per month.


Many men are successfully used to enlarge the genital organ. The method does not require any financial costs, it is quite feasible at home. The advantage of massage, in addition to increasing the length and volume of the penis, is a positive effect on potency.

The main requirement is the correct execution of the technique. Strict adherence to the recommendations will help you avoid injury and achieve success.

Before the massage, it is necessary to warm up the penis. To do this, a small towel should be moistened in warm water and wrapped around your "dignity". Wait a few minutes and repeat the process twice. The effect of the massage will increase significantly after such a warm-up. The blood circulation is increased and the skin stretchesThere are several types of massage available, some involving stimulation in an erect state and others in a relaxed state.

Penis measurement before enlargement using the example of a banana

Hanging loads

Hanging weights on your penis at home is a pretty dangerous method. Ligaments and cavernous bodies are regularly stressed, which leads to stretching. The thickness of the penis does not change.

Before the procedure, the penis is warmed up with a massage. Then an adhesive plaster is formed in front of the glans, with which the tip is fixed. A small load is hung on a string. The first sessions should last a quarter of an hour. Then the weight of the load and the time of the procedure are increased. The glans shouldn't go numb. In this case, reduce the load.


They are used not only for penis growth in length and width, but also to eliminate its curvature. It stretches the penis so that the tissue grows quickly to get rid of the uncomfortable tension. The device delivers a long-term result, the enlargement of the penis remains that way. It is recommended to use it for several hours every day.

The device is vacuum and loop. Grippers are cheaper but not as convenient to use as suction cups.

There are no unequivocal recommendations for the choice, since every man must choose the device that is acceptable for him for himself.

Increase in penis size

Vacuum pump

A device that looks like a pump. It is used not only to increase the reproductive organ, but also to improve potency. The device can also help when an erect penis cannot naturally achieve the desired elasticity. The pump creates a vacuum around the penis, stimulates blood flow and increases the erection.

How is a vacuum pump used? Before using the device, it is necessary to treat the penis with a special cream and insert it into the cylinder with which the device is equipped. To create a vacuum, air is pumped out of the cylinder, the element is under pressure. The increased blood flow causes the pump to enlarge the penis. The pressure in the vacuum is regulated by a manometer built into the device.

The effect that the vacuum pump helps to achieve is temporary, so it is better to use the device immediately before intercourse. Despite this minus, many men use this special device, since there is an additional effect of a sustained erection.

Gel, spray, ointment, cream

Despite the numerous promotional videos that speak of the super effect, the opinions of experts on such funds are different. But there is no doubt that after applying them there will be a result.

In whatever form the drugs are produced (cream, spray), their effect has 3 types:

  • In the short term;
  • Long term;
  • Auxiliary.

A cream or ointment with a short-term effect can do its job well. To do this, it is enough to add a strong warming component to its composition, which can lead to a frenzy of blood in the genitals. After that, there is an increase in the head of the penis and masculinity.

If you choose a long-lasting drug, some products can produce tangible results without the added help of massage.

Girl surprised by the enlargement of the penis


Not every man chooses to surgically enlarge his penis. All the methods considered so far are inferior in terms of the efficiency of the operation, but the cost of this procedure makes it prohibitive for many. There are basically two types of surgery: lengthening the penis and thickening it. Surgically, the penis can be enlarged up to 4 centimeters. These operations are performed under local anesthesia in a specialized clinic.

If the operation is performed by a specialist, the risk of complications after it is minimal.

However, before deciding to take such drastic measures, maybe it is worth trying methods that are suitable for home use? And the risks are lower and the savings are tangible.

Penis attachment

The fastest solution for everyone who wants to enlarge the penis during sexual intercourse without financial, time-consuming effort. In addition to length, the attachment can add weight to your "dignity" and improve your erection. There are open and closed options. A closed nozzle is of course better suited for maximum effect. The material from which the fastening is made must be elastic. Silicone and latex are the best options because they feel like skin.

This device allows you to add up to 4 inches to the penis. Of course, there are not many fans of this length, and the nozzle with an extension of 5-7 centimeters is popular in general. Also, the nozzle can significantly lengthen sexual intercourse, which occurs by reducing the sensitivity of the penis.