Proven methods for increasing the thickness of the penis

Penis enlargement surgery

Often the size of the penis becomes the cause of psychological complexes, problems in sexual relations and in personal life. Around 50% of men are dissatisfied with the thickness of their penis. And they think absolutely correctly: the reason for the sexual dissatisfaction of the partner is precisely the subtle "masculinity". Therefore, the question immediately arises: what method can be used to increase the thickness of the organ and does it even exist?

Yes, there are effective techniques!

You can achieve penis enlargement using methods such as:

  1. surgical method of increasing the thickness;
  2. Vacuum pump;
  3. Massage the penis using special techniques;
  4. Using an extender;
  5. the introduction of clitoral balls;
  6. Hormone therapy.

Manual technique and massage

Massage to increase the thickness of the penis

The easiest way to increase the volume of your penis is with massage. This practice of increasing the thickness of the penis is based on ancient techniques. Experts agree that the effect of massaging the penis has been established for many years. This method does not require any additional equipment, it is based on massage and manual action on the penis. Free time will last about half an hour.

At present, several effective and simple techniques are known that have no side effects and help to increase male strength. The end result depends on the technique chosen. The greatest effect can be achieved by exercising with an erect penis. However, they must be carried out with the utmost care.

It is necessary to start the exercises after a full examination and consultation with a specialist. The technique of the lesson has a certain load and intensity. The exercises are performed as follows:

  • Smear a member with grease or lubricant.
  • Warm up the tissue, this gives the skin more elasticity.
  • An erection state can be achieved by stroking and squeezing the penis.
  • Gradually increase the grip of the penis at the base, do not stop the movement.
  • When you have achieved maximum erection, squeeze the base together with one hand, pull the head with the other and hold this position for about a minute.
  • Grasp the head, press and pull the organ until a slight pain is felt, hold this position for 20-30 seconds, release and repeat after 10 seconds.

By maintaining blood flow to the organ, it is possible to achieve cell expansion and the organ itself begins to grow. Finish the exercises with a light massage. When implemented systematically, the technology delivers significant and high results.

Unique spheres to enlarge

A modern, quite popular, method of increasing the volume of the penis is the introduction of clitoral balls under the skin, which can remain in the penis for life. To take such a step, a man is driven by an indomitable desire to bring maximum pleasure to his partner.

The specialist correctly calculates the position of the balls, but the patient independently chooses their number and size. For maximum stimulation of the partner's clitoris and vaginal walls, the balls can be placed on the back of the penis and on the sides. The mini-operation is performed under local anesthesia. The presence of implants in the organ does not affect fertility.

Extender thickening technique

Many believe that the apparatus is designed to increase the length of the male organ. But that's not the case. It has been clinically proven to increase dignity with an extender. Growth in length is not possible without growth in thickness! You can use the device at home for no special purpose by following the recommendations in the guide.

The change in penis thickness is visible after two weeks. It is possible to get an amazing effect by wearing the device for a long time, while the thickening of the organ occurs naturally. The operation of the device is not difficult:

  • to fix the penis in the device;
  • Using a screw mechanism, pull out the organ and adjust the tension;
  • gradually (once a week) increase the elasticity.

The principle of the extender is to stretch cells and increase their number. The resulting "size" remains until the end of life.

Vacuum pump

Penis enlargement pump

One of the most popular and effective methods of penis enlargement is the use of a special vacuum pump.

The device has a fairly high efficiency, and the result is achieved in a very short time. It is used in erectile function problems to achieve penile elasticity in case of impotence.

This device resembles a cylinder in which the organ is placed. In just a few minutes, you can use a special pump to increase the thickness of the penis by 1 to 2 centimeters.

The pump is used just before intercourse, but the result only lasts for an hour. To achieve long-term results, the device is used several times a day over a long period of time.

The device is quite easy to use and perfectly helps to strengthen the elasticity and size of the penis.

Surgical intervention

surgical enlargement of the penis

The most effective technique for increasing the thickness of the penis that will last for a long time is surgery.

Surgical penis enlargement is carried out both for medical reasons and for the purpose of cosmetic correction of the appearance.

The method is expensive. The essence of this technique: surgeons place part of the patient's fatty tissue under the skin of the penis or insert a flap of the rectus abdominis muscle.

To perform the operation, an incision is made along the 2, 5–3 cm long coronal groove, channels are formed to the base of the penis, encapsulated implants are inserted, and their fixation to the tunica albuginea is allowed.

As a result, at the request of the man himself, the thickness of the penis increases, on average from 3 to 6 centimeters.

The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia, the risk of complications is minimal.

Hormone therapy

The technique of enlarging the male genital organ is based on the use of special hormonal preparations. The technique has a fairly high impact on men under the age of 25. The only negative is that the use of hormones can cause genetic abnormalities in future offspring.

Modern medical techniques, proven means, the use of manual techniques and implants make it possible to increase the thickness of the penis to the desired size. What technique to choose, what size suits a representative of the stronger sex and his partner, is decided individually.