Penis enlargement: techniques, tips, and possible consequences

Rigid standards for the size of the Penis is not installed. However, if the length of the Penis of an adult male in an erect state (voltage with excitation) of at least 8 cm as a deviation from the Norm, by some experts as a small Penis. In most cases, is the normal or not the size of his Penis, the man decides for himself. It depends on his aesthetic preferences, the demands of his sexual partner, and of that importance, there is appearance and aesthetic qualities of your Penis. It is important to note that the size of the Penis is usually absolutely no influence on the degree of sexual satisfaction of the female partner during intercourse.

how to enlarge his Penis

Of which depend on the dimensions of the Penis, why in some people it comes out to a little Penis?

The dimensions of the Penis, as well as the dimensions of the other parts of the human body, determined by inheritance and special features of growth and development. If, during the fetal and fruiting more in growth and puberty, for whatever reasons, the inadequacy of the synthesis in the body of the male sex hormone testosterone, the development of the external sex organs (Penis) disturbed said. On reaching puberty (13 years) and in adult males the use of testosterone, with the aim of Stimulation of the growth of the sexual organs, in most cases, this is already inefficient. Small dimensions of the Penis in hypospadias, after traumas and operations.

I have a normal "average" Penis. It is normal, my desire to increase it, change its shape?

The desire to increase the "average" Penis is also normal, as the request and increase the amount of muscle mass and buy new physical skills. In many Nations in different times of the size of the Penis great importance. So in ancient Greece and Rome, phallic cults existed, a large and esthetically perfect Penis, embodied masculinity, prosperity, the power, and the power. Similar beliefs and traditions remained in the minds of men and in today's time. Some men believe that their Penis is far from the in their minds existing ideals, or in comparison to what you have seen in magazines, porn films or sports club in the locker room. It is therefore no coincidence that many modern men want more than "sympathetic" and the biggest sex organ in a quiet, relaxed state.

The desire to increase the sizes of the Penis during erection is often due to the specifics of sexuality, sexual partner. This is because many women get the greatest pleasure during the sexual contact of the contact of the Penis to the cervix and prefer to be long enough phalluses. Others experience an orgasm through stimulation of the labia minora and the clitoris. Such women often want to the Penis of the partner was thicker. Now, a lot of people all the more pleasure to Sex have experience as a bright and strong orgasm in your partner.

It is no secret that many family conflicts occur due to problems in the sexual area. And often latent dissatisfaction of the woman is precisely in their dissatisfaction with the size of the Penis of your partner. So, whatever the reason stimulated man to increase your Penis the desire is absolutely normal, and the chances for implementation. And although the effectiveness of the operations according to the increase of the Penis today, not high, and there are a lot of complications, you can try to do this, if he plays the obvious risks, including Deformation of the Penis, its instability during erection, as well as the lack of normal sensitivity, which may remain for a lifetime.

What are the techniques of Penis?

Penis more difficult task as its extension. Unfortunately, the only available conservative method for the thickening of the Penis by application of a vacuum pump — no results. Introduction under the skin of the Penis variety of gels, pastes, paraffin oil are heavy complications up to loss of the skin of the Penis and even the ability to get an erection if the Gel gets into the corpora cavernosa. Such patients have surgery with the aim of rescuing the Penis and restore its functions. Currently, surgical, and micro-apply surgical techniques, the increase in the diameter of the Penis is based on the transfer of tissue from other parts of the body and the space under the skin of the Penis. One of these techniques is the rearrangement of the complex subcutaneous fat tissue from the buttocks provides wrinkles of the skin of the Penis, increases its diameter to 1 — 2 cm. the thus-Obtained tissue is then placed under the skin of the Penis in its entire length (such as a Penis wrap). Place your fence sutured a special cosmetic suture and almost not visible after the surgery.

Surgery for penis enlargement

So, thickening the Penis is by "shoot" to him tissue from other parts of the body. If you want to increase the diameter of the Penis more than 1 cm, then another surgery — microsurgical thickening of the Penis muscle tissue transfer method. This is significantly more complicated and longer surgical procedures with more heavy flowing in the post-operative Phase, and a longer lifetime of the hospitalization. However, the more complex the task, the more difficult and more expensive solution. Before you dare to surgical thickening of the Penis, the following should be borne in mind. These operations are quite complex, long and expensive. They sometimes require quite a long time (up to 10 days and sometimes longer) stay in a hospital, and careful post-operative follow-up. A significantly higher, compared to operations with the extension of the Penis, the likelihood of complications. And although the individual steps and allow the diameter to increase significantly the Penis, before you do, you need to discuss carefully all the Details with your doctor. To not understand the main thing that miracle and simple solutions will happen in this sensitive area. Probably a result of the Operation will significantly lessen your Penis, than its increase in diameter.

Can I make an extension and thickening of the Penis in one operation?

It is theoretically possible, but we are not categorically do this recommend. It is important to know, that the thickening may be subjected to, already permanently extend the Penis. This is due to the fact that the size of the materials used for the thickening of the Penis, it must fit exactly part of the Penis hanging. And this is only possible if the sex organ to maximum. In the case of step Operation can lead to Deformation of the Penis, the formation of the tibial tuberosity on its surface, and other complications.

What are the complications of the operations according to the increase of the Penis?

Among the most common early complications (the first few weeks after surgery), bleeding, wound infection, long swelling of the Penis, usually on a temporary or permanent reduction in sensitivity of the glans penis, pain during erection. To the frequent late complications of such operations: change the angle of the erection (in the context of the passage, the looks of the ligaments of the Penis, if an erection increase not up, but forward or down), shortening of the Penis, instability of the Penis and the failure during the sexual intercourse, Absorption or necrosis (necrosis) under the skin of the Penis to the width of the substances, disorders of the erection, reduction of the sensitivity of the glans, Deformation, and curvature of the Penis. Attention! Very often (more than 50% of the cases, and more) can be achieved as a result of the Operation result does not meet the expectations of the patient.

What if I decided to increase your Penis? To whom can I contact, and what to look out for?

Not to resort first of all, the advertised "old methods", "100% drugs", healers, and other "methods", the enlargement of the Penis without the participation of a physician. Your expectations are deceived to 100%! You should know that in nature there are neither medicines, nor any complex exercises, the increase of the Penis. If you get real results, you should not only with the doctors, the professionals working in the surgical and other methods of penis enlargement. After the first test and examination, the doctor explains you the real possibilities of enlarging your Penis. In detail, increase the techniques, the specifics of your application, possible side effects and complications. When talk about penis enlargement surgical technique of surgical operations, characteristics, duration, length of hospital stay, time until resumption of sexuality, the risks and complications outlined in all Details.

Beware of the "professionals" that will tell you only about the merits of the proposed method, and something about the disadvantages and possible complications. You don't never take a decision about the Operation too quickly under the pressure of the doctor, especially if he is well-known among patients and as a highly qualified specialist in the field of surgery of the Penis. Do you think you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. Be careful, if before the Operation with you, do not sign the contract on rendering of medical services and Declaration of consent. In these documents, have to be regulated, the institution of all the nuances of the proposed treatment and the subsequent relationship with your doctor and healing. Keep in mind that the enlargement of the Penis, in-depth expert knowledge, impeccable surgical technique, and careful observance of all technological stages of this process. Trust only professionals with high Reputation!

Some of the real results of different methods of penis enlargement.


The most reliable results in the medicine will only be magazines in a carefully edited professional medical specialist. And you, not the advertising article in the press or on the Internet can be an excellent source of information. In the journal European Urology 2006, Volume 49, Issue 4 (April), page 729, published an article in the English urologist, C. Y. Li, O. Kayes, P. D. Kell, and Co-authors, analyzed the results of the application of various methods of stretching the Penis. They report that the satisfaction of the patients varied from 17 to 35%, approximately half of the patients requested a re-Operation, which was not the case the vast majority of a good result. The complication rate of surgery was 10%. The authors recommend to think before making a decision on surgery for the lengthening of the Penis carefully, and some patients with so-called genital weakness advised to go to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. You draw conclusions, dear patients!!!