Penis: is it real?

Many of the complex, the suffering of men, connected with the size of the Penis. Many representatives of the stronger sex are ready to do everything to increase it. Tablets, Sprays, and traditional methods – all of these funds, if you believe the advertising, can help, the Problem is with the size of the member. But how things really are? If you go against nature and change the length of a member?

Penis enlargement

The average size of adult men are aroused, the length of 10-15 cm is regarded as normal. You may on the size, in eius flaccidum STA member. In a state of arousal, little Penis can significantly increase, but the sexual organ of impressive size – no. But if the size in a state of agitation is at least 8 cm, tail called a microscope. No wonder, that for men, the desire to increase it.

The attitude to this question largely depends on the perception of the man and his partner and the importance of the length of the member. It is assumed that the quality of sex such a factor, as the size of the Penis is affected. Although many women still believe that the greatest pleasure you can get, when Partner big Penis, touched in sexual intercourse to the cervix. Some girls are able to reach orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris and the labia. In this case, you prefer to have your Partner's thick cock.

Men, in turn, quite satisfied with Sex only when the female partner had an orgasm. Otherwise, dissatisfaction with sex life is the cause of conflicts is paired, and although complex because of the size of the stereo types, very many, caused mostly worried about. Not a coincidence, even such questionable methods-worthy, such as the use of Sprays and pills, are very popular today. Men are sometimes willing to go in order to achieve a penis enlargement.

Penis size depends on hereditary factors and characteristics of growth. If in the process of the formation of the body, deviations, suffering, and sexual organs. The cause of the violation of their development, in General, is an insufficient production of testosterone. After 13 years of artificial Stimulation of growth by administration of this hormone is not a positive result can achieve, therefore, men seek other options for changing the sizes of the Penis.

Methods of penis enlargement

  • Vacuum Pump;

A member is visited in a special device in the Form of a cylinder. He was connected to the air pump, the a significant blood supply to the sexual Organ. As a result of the tail comes in erectum, with blood and enlarges. In this Moment, the Penis of the pinch Ring. It obstructs the outflow of blood. Initially, these pumps were also used for the fight against sexual dysfunction. A major disadvantage of this method of penis enlargement is that, once the Ring is removed, the Penis returns to its normal size. In addition, in the case of the implementation of the method, there is great risk of damage to the blood vessels, thereby reducing the appearance of bruises, bruises. You leave the Ring on the Penis, more than 20 minutes not possible. Otherwise, the probability of damage to the tissue.

  • special exercises and weights;

In the Penis is not a muscle tissue, so you don't turn him. However, many believe that with the help of physical exercises, able to increase the length of the Penis. The method of "jelqing" is a pulling exercise, you a day for an hour. Member should not be in an excited state

The weights have a similar effect. It stretches to the tail, so that it is in this way no longer. However, the effectiveness of such methods is questionable. The wearing of a special device for a longer period of time complaints. In addition, the reason for the break-up of the tissues, damage to the blood. Medicine, there are cases where the man had to be a member to be operated on, since it was damaged by the wearing of heavy equipment.

wawona pump
  • Tablets, Sprays for the Penis;

These methods are very popular because of their availability and ease of use. Medications oral a longer period of time to be taken. In addition to the increase in the size of the Penis, they increase the potency, improves the General well-being. However, after the termination of their taking effect disappears. Visual increase in the size of the member associated with the strengthening of the blood flow to him, in reality he is not. An important role plays and auto-suggestion, which makes people think that a member become bigger.

How to insure the manufacturer, the Spray works similar to the tablet, so that an increase in the Penis. He has no such reactions, does not cause allergies. However, penis enlargement in reality does not happen. There were no cases of size changes through the use of the Penis is comparable to that of the medium.

  • surgical Intervention.

The surgery is the only effective method. By surgery can increase the length of the limb, and its thickness. Although also in this case, the effect can be noticeable not as strong as many would like to see. In addition, the Operation according to the increase of the member – a rather difficult, expensive and traumatic procedure. Experts guarantee the safety and the effectiveness of such an Operation, because there is a risk of various complications.

Do not blindly believe the advertising, and you hurry, you can buy various treatments, such as Sprays that can help to increase cock. Unscrupulous providers use a common desire of men to change the size of the Penis, in order to earn this. Increase of the member can only powerless by surgery and Sprays, tablets, ointments, the physical organs and the specific devices in this case.