How to enlarge Penis without surgery

The dimensions of the Penis - one of the most important issues that the people worry, since ancient times. Dimensions a member of a role to play, and for women, the majority prefer a lover with a significant advantage. Dimensions is important for men to feel more safe, if you can boast a big cock. You can't say that size doesn't matter, but the fact is - men and women, if you are a life fixated on size, then you have in your sexual very important place.


So many men in search of ways to penis enlargement. especially since the selection of such possibilities is really large and diverse. To spend is worthwhile, only to decide what, exactly, in what time frame you want to the result, and how much you are willing to get, and you can easily find something that will suit you on all features.

About surgical operations, such as the method of penis enlargement

Men who would be unhappy with the size of his a lot. However, not all of them are ready, lie down under the surgical scalpel. Even if at first, the prospect of getting away from the anesthesia, with guarantees extended member moves to clear thinking as to refrain, at first glance, a tempting solution.

There are pitfalls? Of course. A surgical Operation to enlarge the Penis involves cutting the ligaments, the introduction into the tissue of a member of the fat tissue, a stranger to the organ, and so on. All of these procedures under the conditions of modern medicine are unpredictable. It is possible that in the future the doctors can guarantee a perfect result, but today, there is still the risk that your already impressive size of the Penis is no longer excite you and your partner's erection.

Another point - surgery is very expensive, and given the unpredictability of the result, it can not simply about the money on the wind, but more serious problems. Money agree for health problems in the future, any sane person can't. The more that the possibilities for increasing the Penis not only by surgical intervention.

So, how to enlarge Penis without surgery? A Lot Of Possibilities. Can you promise, for example, trust the manufacturers of the drugs, the result in the shortest amount of time. The result will be, but hardly those which you count. None of the modern market of medicines will not increase your Penis. Different herbs, broths can help the growth of the corpora cavernosa - but you can, therefore, only the General health of your body improve. And only then, if you have the right medication that will not harm your health.

You can medicine to the origins of the Chinese, Tibetan. In this case, herbal mixtures will be combined with breathing exercises through a special technique of Meditation. But again, the result is not guaranteed. Also, not every Partner will be able to understanding to your new life style, the more that the result (if to be assigned), will notice. after a couple of years.

There are ways of penis enlargement, except for dubious pills and inefficient breathing exercises? You can rely on a Massage. Only a few years, the daily Massage, and you will notice that increase your Penis up to two inches. Not impressive?

Then you should attention to an additional possibility of non-surgical penis enlargement - mechanical units Actually, the answer to the question of how to increase his Penis without surgery, the use of mechanical components is the best Option. For the sake of justice it should be noted that not all of the mechanical devices developed to enlarge Penis dimensions, can boast of safety and simplicity of the application, therefore, the choice of such units should be treated with caution. One of the most popular, most sought-after products of today are extenders modern models.

Methods of penis enlargement

The advantages are extenders:

  1. low cost;
  2. relatively quick results;
  3. high efficiency (can you Penis sizes 2-5 cm);
  4. the ability to enlarge the girth of the Penis;
  5. Irreversibility of the results;
  6. absolute security of the application.

Only a few hours of casual wear the device on the day, and after a few weeks, you and your Partner will be able to rate impressive results. How to enlarge Penis size without surgery? Quite simply, you just have to buy the Extender, the device is considered to be completely safe, it increases the Penis, because he's a man from a complex background of uncertainty in the bed, by his sexual life and his partner's sexual colorful life, colorful, happy.

The method of temporary penis enlargement

A further possibility is the enlargement of the Penis ( temporary! ) is the application of vacuum pumps, which have been developed as therapeutic agents for the treatment of blood Stagnation in the pelvic. The device gets the blood circulation and stimulates the acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues. According to studies, the use of a vacuum pump, the recovery of potency promotes in 90% of cases, and in 80% – enhancing the natural erection. All vacuum pumps are divided into two categories: manual and mechanical. Manual pump cylinder with the gasket and hand pump, with a vacuum in the volume of the cylinder. In the mechanical models, the piston is a special Vibrator that is powered by the batteries.

The effect of the device is the Stimulation of blood flow to the genitals, through the creation of water pump discharged vacuum. This contributes to an increase in the size and sensitivity of the Penis. Tissue with oxygen, improves blood circulation throughout the body, resulting in a positive impact on the health of men. Many use a vacuum pump for the Commission of several sexual acts in a row. After the first ejaculation, fat to lubricate the member with lubricant and place it in a vacuum-pump. Wearing a special Ring, that is the air after a few minutes, the man ready to have Sex again.

Areas of application of vacuum pumps:

  • The weakening of erection;
  • Psychological Impotence;
  • Impotence that developed due to various diseases.
how to enlarge Penis

This is particularly attractive to a method to increase the Penis in men older than 40 years of age, or those engaged in heavy physical work. When operating the device, any discomfort felt should be. The effects of the vacuum should be prorated, as recommended in the technology – long-term effects of the vacuum, the cause for swelling of the tissues of the Penis, and small hemorrhages can. For the optimal use of the device, you can reduce at regular intervals, or increase the vacuum. A great vacuum can only at the end of the procedure. As a preventive measure, the device is recommended for men of any age, not living a regular sex life. The selection of the optimal mode decompression in the treatment of sexual disorders has to be coordinated with the doctor. Contraindications for the use of vacuum pumps is not known.