Modern methods of penis enlargement

For penis enlargement for many men at least a few inches is a dream. While many experts claim that the modern methods allow for a fairly significant results. Just what is it?

Some claim that you can make your Penis for a centimeter, other – three-four. In this article we will see the technology, which will allow your Penis without surgery and pills, and also try to find out how effective the current procedures are increase in the male environment, the member.

Methods of penis enlargement

So, according to the statistics, after completing the full course of the Penis increases, on average, 3-4 inches long, 1-2 inches in width (is in the excited state). In the non-excited state, the male "" not growing would generally more than two centimeters. The practice shows that a member usually grows more than thirty percent of its natural size. If you do not leave the stable jobs, you can. penis enlargement is still a couple of inches, but after this the process slows down significantly Every inch will be given with difficulty.

You have to remember, that very much depends on the chosen technology. The first couple of months, the Penis gets used to the new loads. In this tissue of the male organ will not grow. By the incident a couple of months of the active growth, which is associated to a greater extent with an effective strain prepared tapes begins. During this time, you can expect a significant increase – up to two-three centimeters. In the future, only the fabric member to grow. The most effective in this Phase Extender that you wear not less than six hours per day.


In the case of the use of the data to the construction of simple and effective devices reach the first results can be already after a month or two. The profit in this case is about one and a half to two inches. In this full course penis enlargement for about a year and a half takes. For this period no significant increase (approximately two to four inches). If you use this method within two to three years, to be expected in this case, the result is stunning – more than five centimeters. With regard to the width of the Penis, it changes slightly rounded up (anywhere to a half inch).


This "manual" technique is very popular today. This is due to the high efficiency of the training, as well as the availability and cheapness of the method. The first "swallows" (about a centimeter of growth) are only three to four months. In contrast to the first technique, jelking to increase a member in the diameter. So, this method is most effective in combination with the bear Extender. First of all, the Penis increases in length and then in width.


To grasp this process better men have already tried the first and the second method. This effect will not have to wait long – the Penis is increased after a few minutes to 10-15 percent. But once the erection disappears, and the result. The use of vacuum pumps can be more attributed to the need for additional technology. If you expect only the Tool for the Penis, the result can be a long time – about a year and a half. In some cases, for the achievement of the goal, it is necessary to years. Indisputable advantage of this method – the ability to instantly enhance cock.

how to enlarge his Penis

Each of these methods has its own characteristics, advantages and of course disadvantages. For each of the methods, the right technique, which allows to achieve maximum results and not receive any serious injuries is very important. So, in order for it not to serious errors, prior to the Training, you need to carefully read the recommendations of professionals, people who have already gone this way. To study more Features in Detail and all techniques can on the resource. In any case, remember that the health.