If you are really in the Penis

Not all people are willing to increase the size of his Penis with a surgery. Primarily non-surgical methods that they use:

  • Extender is a special device for the extension of the Penis;
  • Mount of cargoes;
  • Massage;
  • Taking medications;
  • Electrical stimulators;
  • Nozzle on sexual organ.
how to enlarge his Penis

Penis without surgery is quite realistic. In addition, this can also home. But be careful, if you offer some kind of Tool, magnifying glass sex organ to 10 inches in a few months — this is an obvious hoax, since no part of the human body is not able to change their size in such a short period of time.

The same is true for the wonders of drugs: tablets, gels, ointments. In this list you can activate, and the "old methods" to win the first and foremost advantage of quacks. Not only that, such methods are inefficient, they can still harm your health.

To make the right choice, you need to information about effective methods to increase the main body of men.

Extender device to change the size of the Penis

Today, this method is the most popular and most coveted. The mechanism of action consists in the elongation of the fabric member, and Stimulation of its growth. Also you are using the device to address an external defect — straightening of curved male Organ.

This technique has a scientific explanation: the human body can loads under the action of the permanent. Thanks to this principle and works Extender.

Today, you can claim that this method is the most effective. In addition, in the 20 years of its use there were no side effects. The devices are easy to use and invisible under clothing. Stretching should be every day (about 8 hours) in the course of 3-5 months At observance of all rules, increased sexual organ of 2.5 to 3 centimeters. But we should not forget that the positive dynamics only in the case of daily application.

Exercise as a way of extending the Penis at home

Jelcing — specific exercises, which allow to enlarge the Penis and to improve its properties. The methodology only the penis length but also its thickness does not help to change.

Jelcing is one of the oldest techniques. They are used since many centuries. The result is due to the Stimulation of the blood flood to the genital organ. In the course of time, with the help of exercises, the volume increase of the cavity and improves the blood flow in sexual Organ. Such processes have a positive effect on the increase of the member.

Nowadays, the technology is jelcing can easily download from the Internet. But the opinions of scientists about the effectiveness of this method apart. Some believe that the exercises really do increase sexual organ. Others are convinced that jelcing is an ineffective method, and in order to achieve the desired result in this way, a man must have a lot of time and effort.

Vacuum Process

The principle of the vacuum pump based on longer stretches of the Penis. The device as a vacuum pump.

Its principle of operation consists in the stimulation of blood flow and strengthening of erectile function by the vacuum on the male Organ. In the as a member to the extent and in the size. However, this effect is limited in time, so the vacuum pump recommend using right before sexual intercourse.

Whether medication is the male, "would increase"?


Advertised medication is hardly effective way of Penis. For example, pre-contains integrally formed means of the usual vitamins. Yes, and then — such tablets help to improve erectile function, but no influence on the length of the Penis.

If we are not on the preparations for topical application (ointments, gels, creams), whose composition is always known. After their use in many men it can cause itching and an allergic reaction to the layers of the skin.

Therefore, preparations for the penis enlargement are are not only ineffective but sometimes even harmful for the health.

A dietary Supplement to improve erectile function

Today, especially popular dietary Supplement. Thanks to the natural composition of the preparations, the gain of the blood flow in the Penis, improving the erection. Taking dietary supplements have a positive impact on the duration and quality of intercourse. Reviews from many consumers, after use, a feeling of enlargement of the male organ. However, such drugs have a temporary effect.

Nowadays, there are a large number of penis enlargement methods. But it is only in the case when the size is not really a Problem. If you decide not to try for the sake of the experiment, then they forget that such actions may have dangerous consequences.

The size of the Penis has a direct effect on the self-esteem of the people. How to enlarge male member of the most popular and hottest question in the search engines. But if it is possible to change the anatomical characteristics of the read in the genetics — in our article about the most popular methods.

Standard size of the Penis

On the Penis there are two measures of values, length and thickness. These parameters are in the erect (excited) body. In a quiet condition indicators will not be calculated. During sexual arousal increases the size of the Penis, the organ changes the direction to the navel, perpendicular to the abdomen.

To beat not to early Alarm and the fault of the nature of greed and the lack of inches in the pants. It should first compare his cock with the average ratios of the length. In the case of the excited state of the man's Penis dimensions vary in the range of 12-18 cm. There may be deviation of medium size and in a large, and in the smaller side, but the deviation is only a few percent.

In the idle state, the length ranges from 7 to 10 centimeters. The size of the Penis depends not only on hereditary factors, but also on the age of the men. In the case of the boys up to 10-12 years, a small Penis, since the body still does not have enough male hormones.

After 18 years, there have been significant jumps in growth. The man Organ still developed up to a maximum of 25. In old age due to androgen deficiency, chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, or other problems, a decrease in the size of the can. Familiarize yourself with the normal you can in the table.

14 - 16 years of age is the period of active growth. Exactly these three years enough to get out of the young man are formed. Adolescence — the stage of hormonal adjustment of the body and the transformation into an adult.

Surgical methods for the

If the father of the young size of Penis is small, you can't expect a 20-centimeter-erection in the future. However, there are methods that can help men cope with the complex. In addition, as the increase in the manhood for ever, good to know plastic surgeons.

At the time of surgical treatment, there is a list of indications, the doctor will prescribe an urgent Intervention. If the Patient wants to change its size, then it is worth it, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the Operation.

The prosthesis or the implantation of an artificial member to raise the last method. An Operation does not apply if the elongation of the body has the desired results.


One of the basic types of artificial organ, prosthesis materials. Surgical Intervention assigned, in the case of injury or damage to the Penis nerves, the an erection, when severe blood circulation problems, after radical surgical treatment of tumors of the pelvic organs, or in the absence of the testes.

Methods of penis enlargement

Due to the elasticity and Touch of the prosthesis differs from natural substances. Substitution or addition of the organ occurs a few inches. Of the patient erectile ability returned and increased self-esteem. Many patients notice that it comes to him, the sexual energy, you can make numerous and longer-lasting sexual intercourse.

This type of plastics spend adults or men of advanced age. Size increase from 2 to 5 cm in Front of the prescription of the prosthesis, the Patient a full diagnostic examination can, possible contra-indications.


According to statistics, about 80% of the male population would enlarge the Penis. Lipofilling is an injection procedure in which in the area of the cavernous body member with own fat tissue injected. The method is for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, or to correct anatomical defects.

Lipofilling is the Implantation of additional substances, the thickening of the organ. As compacting materials, the synthetic replacement materials, such as, for example, Biogel, silicone can. The method helps, impotence and a small Penis size.

The main advantage of the method — the relative safety of the procedure and the lack of need for unnecessary cuts of meat. Invasiveness of this method of magnification is minimal. In most cases, as the Material for the seals in their own fat cushion of the people.

Fat with the time to solve, but a lot of certainly accustomed to and remain in the body. The disadvantages are the possibility of uneven distribution of the introduced tissue to the girth of the Penis.

Injection in the tail

As a conservative, and less dangerous treatments, you can check injections for male Organ. To come to the aid of preparations with hyaluronic acid, testosterone injections, to the size of the grow, or other medications.

You make no decisions for yourself. Each stitch has a special indications and contraindications. Pick up method for penis enlargement only helps the treating doctor. But the injection is a temporary solution. It can be used to a certain entered drug.

Hardware Increase

As conservative methods to increase the size of the various devices use. On the market you will find a variety of intimate instrumentation, LOD-therapy, the use of vacuum, you can even go in the clinic.


Extender is a special tool that helps to stretch the sex organ. It should be worn on the Penis and wearing quite a long time to get the desired result.

You use the device. The device is on an empty body, fixed to a certain length of a specific barbell. Man just go with the Extender for 2-3 hours, then you need to take a break.

Gradually, the Patient will notice that they increase the degree of stretch, and attach to the next pole. Please note that the Penis can shrink and don't stand up to the desired mark. This is a normal process, easy-to-vilify device to a shorter length and then re-attach the usual Position.

If the Extender alternately worn, down and up, then it is important to note that the voltage will be in the first and the second case is different — for the same length of the rod, the voltage is always stronger if the Extender is pointing down. After male reviews such a device helps the Penis enlarge to 2-5 cm. The result can be greater when the contact time increase.


An Alternative method — the application of the vacuum pump. This type of stretching is widely used abroad. The main indications treatment of erectile dysfunction. Such a therapy helps to recover after 10 minutes of potency.

Also in the list of indications period of Rehabilitation after radiation therapy or surgery on the prostate. Artificially generated pressure able to enlarge your Penis to a few inches.

The action consists in the increase of blood circulation by pressure fluctuations. In men, the erection occurs, the cavity of the cavernous bodies arterial blood to fill completely. The Penis is enlarged, and it is significantly more than during a normal erection.

the real increase of the member

In advanced devices, there are the regulator of intensity. Instructions on how to increase manhood, is simple: you must be a member to insert into the cylinder, with the aid of a pump, a vacuum generating and storing the Position of a few seconds up to 2 minutes.

Of the Penis, on 3-5 cm fixing the blood circulation in the body increases, which reduces healing potency. Also after using the device, the elasticity of the blood improves blood vessels.

A large part of the side effects that is not short, to worry about so that you can. However, the application is in the case of contraindications can be dangerous. The risk of side effects is reduced, it is important to build pressure with a vacuum pump with the pressure measuring device.