Penis at home

Penis at home – the procedure, gradually gaining popularity. Most men unsatisfied with Penis dimensions. Complex arise under the yoke of television and the mass media. Almost every man dreams to enlarge genital organ. To cope with this task is the surgical Intervention or conservative effect helps. Penis enlargement is possible at home.



The physical exercises give a Relief not only the body, but also pumped sex organ. The correct effect on the Penis may slightly increase in size.

Benefits of exercise:

  • the change in the thickness of the organ;
  • the increase of the length;
  • The correction of visible defects;
  • To improve the potency;
  • increased Libido.

To improve the efficiency experts recommend stick to the basics of proper nutrition, physical activity, and reduce the consumption of alcoholic products.

There are a number of exercises, for thickening and lengthening of the Penis: jelcing, curves, and loops.


Jelcing – new methodology, in the basis of the Stimulation of the flow of blood to the sexual Organ. The regular carrying out of the tail thickens and increases its length. Jelcing takes place in several stages:

  • Penis in the base;
  • Hand slowly rises to the head where they are impacted;
  • The Penis at the base, and slowly start;
  • alternately, modification of the extremities can be properly sexual organ;
  • the exercise is repeated several times.

Important: not recommended to use excessive force. This action tore a risk for the development of micro.


The curves mean in a circular motion diagonally. The principle of action is similar to Massage: Hand, gently his arms around the head of the Penis, bent and organ. To keep In such a Position, 20-30 seconds. Strong pressure is excluded, there remains the high probability of mechanical damage.


Cyclicality – the best method to increase the parameters of the institution. In its basic cycle, a whole series of exercises is carried out according to a certain algorithm. Example of cyclical effects:

  • 50 pregnancy strip;
  • 5 rotating sprains;
  • 10 Double-Stretch Marks;
  • 1 approach the primary Streamer.

Cycles vary in location, depending on the final result.

Important: the exercises start with a warm-up phase, after the completion of the man of the Massage-movements. This action aims to avoid mechanical damage, and saves the result.

Man must observe the safety instructions. The enlargement of the organ is a lengthy process, excessive exposure may lead to serious injury.

After completion of the exercise, the Penis need a break, Sex is required to move for a few hours.


The Penis muscles need to the correct tension. With this goal body below the head and properly tightened. Exercise really affects the vocal folds, the promotion of their development. Regular stretching increases the length.


Jelcing or milking, customized exercise, the pulling Organ. With this objective, the Penis is stretched up to the maximum possible Status to 15 seconds. For starters, enough 20 extrusions, the maximum number is 100.

Blood circulation

The correct blood circulation in the organs of the small basin, eliminates stagnant processes and contributes to an increase in the Penis. For the tide of blood to a Massage regularly. Gentle circular movements improve blood circulation and have a beneficial effect on the dimensions of the Penis. Repeat the action 30 times.

The Penis at the base, and sharp. This excess blood away. If you experience pain, you need to rethink the proper technique.

Kegel Exercises

as a member of the house increase

The exercises target force on the achievement of the erection. With this objective, the Penis fat and processed, organ massaged vertically directed translational movements of the character. Gradually, the intensity increases, until the appearance of the erection. Before full arousal, the organ several times shrinks to the head.

Preparation for the procedure the Penis

The enlargement of the Penis at home begins with a preparatory process. The authority needs to in the provisional as the opening act. Prior to the implementation of any complex need, take soaked a towel in warm water and lay on your stomach. This action enhances the blood circulation and is characterized by a calming property.

After exposure to the belly, the towel moves to the Penis, about 5 minutes. Correct warming up prepares the body for the strength training loads and increases blood circulation.

With the aim of warming and the increase in the elasticity with the salt. Crystals pouch in a cloth and applied to the Penis. No salt slightly wet wash-filled cloth, or a cloth attached to the body.

Important: all of the exercises are not fully aroused Penis. Authority must be excited to 60% To minimize friction, lubrication is applied in addition. The execution of the exercise is only possible after heating.


The method is based on lines of force on the body. For Penis Enlargement Algorithm Follow:

  • close it for the head;
  • pull in the direction of the body;
  • lock into the extended Position for 5 seconds;
  • drag to the right, until the occurrence of mild pain;
  • return to the starting position;
  • drag to the left to remain for 5 seconds;
  • return to the starting position;
  • drag stay down for 5 seconds;
  • return to the starting position;
  • they pull down for 5 seconds to stay.

Regular and proper stretching, the effect on the cavernous body within the institution, a contribution to the increase of the length. During the procedure, the Penis is in the flaccid state. When gripping of the head, the pulled back foreskin, gently. The exercise is in a sitting position.

Circle stretch

Penis to the front of the lead stretched to 5 seconds and up, in this Person a circular movement in a clockwise direction. A similar action is repeated for each page. Regular stretching after 25 approaches increases the size of the institution.

Important: after stretching the Organ is in need of a slight shaking movements. This effect normalizes the blood circulation.

Stretch in sitting

The exercise is in an excited component, the level of erection should not more than 40. Penis carefully back in the direction of the buttocks and the man sitting pulled on him. The technology increases the pressure inside the corpora cavernosa. The right effect changes the dimension of genital organ.


The Penis must be completely in a calm state. Head with the thumb and index finger. Body maximum stretched from the body is not more than 7 seconds. Simultaneously with this action is necessary to squeeze the base with the Holding hands slowly from the bottom to the top. The exercise is repeated a maximum of 10 times.

Diet for penis enlargement

It is remarkable, but it is the right diet contributes to an increase in the organ size. Some products increase the circulation of the blood, which leads to a change in the Phallus in the scope. Of harmful products, you can eliminate it at any age. Limitations in this question there is not.

For a natural increase of the body, specialists recommend:

  • Vitamins. Balanced complex positive effect on the human organism, strengthens its protective function. Loss of useful components green consume stuff. It contains in its composition, folic acid, Vitamin K and copper. Without these components, it is impossible the normal functioning of the organs and systems. Doctors vegetables, fruits and nuts activate recommend in the daily diet. For the growing organism is necessary cherries. The berry anthocyanin contains the active ingredient, regulates the blood circulation and has a positive effect on erectile function.
  • Foods rich in Protein content. For the enlargement of the Penis in terms of size and support of the immune system makes sense to consume meat low-fat varieties.
  • Fishery products are. Rich in phosphorus content, this component contributes to the enlargement of the Penis in length. Seafood in the daily diet of the people. Addons fishery products, the Omega-3 acids, they support the development of the body and contained in oily fish.
  • Sunflower seeds. In your core arginine. It is an amino acid required for the development of organs and systems, including the Penis.
  • Garlic. Lovers of the spicy spices Stand proud erection and impressive size of the Phallus. In garlic component, Allicin. He responds to the body's energy reserves and promotes the dispersion of the blood.
  • Green apples. Fruit is ideal for increasing the size of the Penis. At the core, useful components, adjustable development of the reproductive system. Eating apples boosts the immune system.
  • The milk and milk products. For the increase in the size of the Penis is advisable of yoghurt, Kefir and Quark.

The men's diet must be wholesome and varied. In addition, the liquid feed needs to establish. A sufficient amount of liquid improves the elasticity of the tissue, which helps in the process of elongation of the organ.

The use of natural remedies

Penis at home

Good results shows the phytotherapy. The application of medicinal herbs, without harm for the health of genital organ. Self-healing plants is not recommended. Before applying, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

According to experts, a positive impact on the reproductive organs:

  • the broth on the base of the flowers and leaves of the hawthorn. The use of the plant promotes blood circulation and improves the blood circulation;
  • the broth on the Basis of rose hips. In the berry of Vitamin C. ascorbic acid stimulates the blood circulation and micro-circulation in the organs of the small pelvis;
  • Ginseng root. Under the influence of the component shown, increases the potency and increases sexual Libido. The regular consumption of the beverage based on Ginseng has a beneficial effect on the General condition of the organism and strengthens the protective function.

In the case of the use of traditional medicine must be careful. The proper effect of the herbs promotes the improvement of metabolism and Stimulation of blood circulation. Rush to the authority, increases the potency.

Important: the folk remedies have virtually no side effects. But it must be with caution and only after consultation with a specialist Unconventional methods — additional therapy. Of therapeutic effects.

Sexual organ of the man is to be able to grow to up to 25 years, is a physiological process. Its size can increase by means of traditional medicine, exercise and special stimulants. The effect of procedures on a temporary basis. Significantly, the size of the body change helps only a surgical procedure. Experts do not recommend drastic methods. Finally, the size of the Penis has nothing to do with the quality of sexual relations.