Folk remedies for penis enlargement

Many men don't know, that increase would only a surgeon can, but how exactly to do it not be aware of. In our article we will tell about the means for the Penis and potency, which will help you to achieve the desired result. Some of them are quite exotic, for other materials you can find in every house. There are also recommendations, compliance with which will speed up the process, such as the liberation from harmful habits and proper nutrition.

Folk remedies for penis enlargement

The dimensions of the Penis in the male depend on many factors: nationality, age, speed of a metabolism. Influence on some of them it is impossible, but there are those that can be manipulated, such as the level of testosterone or lifestyle. They have a significant impact on the quality of intimate relationships, and potency, so that to warn, together with an increased Penis, you have all the chances of urogenital diseases and strengthen erections. Most of the methods of medicine, not recognized, therefore, there is no exact data about their work. We will show the ones that you use most often, and have positive reviews.

Varieties Of Technicians

It is not certain that a particular technique is able to increase the would of the stronger sex. For each organism the one or the other method will work differently, why, you may need to try a couple of different ways. To used traditional methods of penis enlargement at home, in the majority, you are safe and have no contraindications. In a natural way, without the use of surgery, you can increase your size with the help of:

  • Herbs and plants, prepare the cream, or decoctions
  • Simple exercises and massages
  • Emergency solutions (Soda, "asterisk", etc.)

With what, exactly, to start, depends only on you, superior to you to decide what you are willing first. There is even a psychological method, based on the fact that positive thinking helps the formation of hormones, increase slowly the sex organs. If you can afford it, purchase special devices that are capable of their Penis, but their use can be dangerous.

If you decide to consolidation of his Penis, get ready for a long and tiring procedures. However, the result of the work is the promotion of self-confidence, no discomfort in dealing with the opposite sex, or remain in the rule, the shower, the bathtub is.

With increasing size of the Penis are not able to remember that she taught were safer, and easier with the Affairs, because instead of the doldrums in high spirits. So your efforts are not a zero, you must stop Smoking and alcohol drinking an active life to lead, take you as little as possible drugs, the stimulant potency, not to consume a food Supplement, the promise, the rapid growth of the Penis. The last in the best case, will not bring any results, and in the worst case, can significantly affect human health.

Medicinal plants

Virtually no is able to increase the grass of the Penis over a long period of time, i.e., to give permanent results. But the positive aspects of the use of medicinal plants is that the increase in a member of this popular way to increase able to improve the blood circulation in the small pelvis, the production of sex hormones have a positive influence on the potency. The use of herbal medicine has not been proven to have no doubt, therefore, stands. In addition, the ingredients for the remedy can be in every pharmacy and will cost you pleasantly surprised.

Under the night call rush for the use of herbs can wait a long time for the results, up to several months. Their application with the aim of improving the potency requires less time. Best herbal medicine works for those who feeds on physical activities, balanced. Otherwise you will dilute only the existing problems in the body to solve: thick blood, give internal organs the nutrients for a better job, etc., For the increase of his dignity, the can use a strong gender:

  1. Thyme
  2. Garlic
  3. Ginseng
  4. Ginkgo Biloba
  5. Peruvian MAKU
  6. Hawthorn
  7. Wormwood

You are watching to learn these plants. Savory (or thyme) since ancient times for the treatment of colds, digestive disorders, skin pathologies. He has a rich chemical composition, from which the important amino acids, micro-elements and vitamins. Thanks to him, thyme has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anthelmintic, and tonic properties. In terms of the health of men, then he is able to:

  • Against Stress (often the cause of impotence)
  • Normalize blood pressure (not to high not to reach a member, the necessary "condition", too low and caused weakness and reduced Libido)
  • It increases testosterone synthesis (he is responsible for the erection, Penis growth, increase stamina in bed)
  • Relieves Muscle Cramps
  • Positive effect on the reproductive organs

The thyme prepare a broth, which you have to take for 4 months. To do this, boil 100 G of dry herbs, pour a glass of boiling water and let sit for an hour. After that, strain and drink 2 times in the morning and in the evening. If you missed the reception, you need treatment first.

how to enlarge his Penis

Garlic is considered a natural aphrodisiac, improves Libido and potency. It increases the blood flow, resulting in the member increases. From him is usually a tincture, take 3 months to prepare. Take 1 kg of peeled raw material, filling them three-Liter glass jar and cover with boiling water up to the neck. In the course of the month you keep shaking in a dark place, occasionally. Or drink 25 drops just so, either milk diluted in a glass of.

Ginseng, specifically its root, known for its properties said to calm and expand the blood vessels, helps in the implementation of the full-fledged sexual intercourse. On the account of the Penis can not say exactly, but the erectile function is enhanced. In order to prepare a tincture of Ginseng, follow these steps:

  1. Mix 20 G of root, and 200 ml of vodka of crushed
  2. Give them 2 weeks to infuse, close tightly
  3. Take 20 drops twice a day for half an hour before meals

Ginkgo Biloba improves the condition of the vascular walls, inhibits thrombosis, fatigue, increases the sensitivity of the Penis. But its main advantage is that the plant to the elongation of the tissue, which leads to an increase of the Penis. To buy from the plant usually do not prepare decoctions or extracts, in the Form of tea or capsules at the pharmacy.

Practical Tools

The enlargement of the Penis in folk medicine includes not only the use of medicinal herbs. The house you will find several items that can also be used to provide a salary increase size of the benefit. Some of the most popular as Soda and Vaseline.

Soda. This white powder finds its application also in the kitchen and in the cleaning and in the cleaning. Penis enlargement with the baking powder is also quite realistic, not harmful and has no high value. Options your application, there are several. For example, man can perform the following actions:

  • Thoroughly wash her body, and steam in hot water
  • Dried with a towel, in order to the genitals not left with moisture
  • Apply on cock, first oil, then sprinkle baking soda
  • After a few minutes, carefully remove the mass with a sponge

If this procedure causes some discomfort, after you lubricate the Penis, mild cream. In your history, you can RUB just do not leave the baking soda on the surface of the skin, but also neat massaging movements with the hands or a sponge. There is also one other method: in a glass of warm water to dissolve a teaspoon of raw materials, according to the arrival and departure in the vessel that will be able to put sex organ. You hold it in such a bath of about 15 minutes, then you can to the intimate contact. Even if the value does not actually say increases in size, a lot of men, that increases the elasticity of the organ.

Similar effect to that of the "stars", but for many, it can burn be an effective means to and the mucous membranes. If you don't want to put yourself in danger, you of baking soda dissolved in water, applied on a dick and wait until the solution is dry. You can then apply the balm.

Another use of baking soda – mix it with honey. The end result is a Home scrub, RUB evenly distributed on all surfaces of the skin and in a circular motion. Amplification of the effect is possible through the consumption of milk with Soda.

Vaseline. With this substance, the injection under the skin, it is distributed in a limited space, and a member takes more than presentable. For the procedure you need to keep the body at the base, integrate syringe, petroleum jelly, gently under the skin and distribute it over the entire length. The method requires a great deal of care and better, he was a Person with medical training.

If the mass completely wrong, this can lead to serious injury. Doctors disapprove of similar to penis enlargement ways:

  1. The risk of the ingress of foreign bodies under the skin, the formation of tumors cause can
  2. Without the proper level of disinfection in the blood-a Virus or an infection can get to
  3. Vaseline can trigger severe allergies, if used in too large quantities

Do not use this option too often, to inflammation because of it, sooner or later, leads that require expensive treatment.

Special Massage

Penis enlargement methods and sees this method as a self-massage. With the correct implementation you will have a Chance to see the rise of a few centimeters. The procedure itself is divided into 2 parts: preparation and self-Massage. During the first part required the tissue to warm up, to improve blood circulation. For this Penis, a cloth made of natural materials, soaked in hot water for a few minutes.

The second part consists of several exercises. In front of them, for convenience, on the tail and applied a few drops of oil (OLIVE, almond, rosemary). The technique of implementing is comparable to Masturbation. Required closing body in a Ring of thumb and index finger and to do this within three minutes of "milking" - mass of the top to the bottom.

exercises for penis enlargement

The next task – to try to gently stretch the tail to the front, but in this time, he should not be able to get a strong erection. To increase the strength, take the body into the Ring from the fingers of each Hand, and start to the other in a circular motion. The hands hold of the base after each call in a couple of twists Shifting 2 cm After completion of the Massage thoroughly with oil, and slide the free Laundry, within an hour, you try not to go out in the cold. How to do this, take 5-7 minutes a day.

Helpful exercises for the pubococcygeus muscles can be. She is responsible for, such as prolonged erection and how long the man can support. What you train, you can at any time relaxed and comfortable for you time, even sitting at work, straining the muscle, which for a few seconds and then. After 8 approaches, then a short break and repeat 3 more times. First, it is enough to charge the po for 2-3 seconds, with the time required to 10.

Other methods for

To increase the methods the member, in accordance with the guidelines, and there are many others that are not listed above. For example, there is a type of exposure – acupuncture. Required on the body of biologically active points, the impact responsible for the reproductive system and gently to you. However, it is not known if this technique works.

Contrast baths improve blood circulation and is also a member of more, although short. For you need to immerse for a Minute in hot water and then cold, by not less than 5 transitions. In a similar way to work compresses. In cheesecloth, folded in several layers, stacking the ice and at the base of the skull, in the area of the heart and the scrotum. In each area more than 2 minutes will not hold, only the process is continued for 15.

You can increase the size of the benefit may be due to the consumption of water melons. They contain an amino acid by it is converted in the body to arginine substance expands the blood vessels of Penis and a few millimetres in length.

To help you solve the Problem of the small breathing would can exercises. The man is 50 deep breaths into the belly, then take a cock in the right Hand and 81 times make circle movements on the pubic area, in a clockwise direction. After that, Penis Massage on the entire surface, but not brought to erection. Breath all this time, still deep.