How to increase the thickness of the Penis

The man who is dissatisfied with their sex life, often seeks to change the size of the Penis. Some of the thickness of the Penis to increase. Strength helps to have more vivid sensations during Sex. In addition, the length and the volume of the member, give the man confidence in their abilities, and the ability to satisfaction from the sexual intimacy.


Doctors claim that in the case of regular employment, with special exercises, a positive result would change in size. You change the diameter of the member is possible, through the strengthening of the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. In the case of normalization of blood flow, internal organs the necessary food and oxygen get, begin, to function normally. The tissue cells are activated and lead to an increase of the member in the amount of.

You can modify the settings of the Penis, and without radical measures, such as the Massage in the course of the month. In the case when the Massage action is the implementation of a partner, then the probability is to be successful it comes down to the Maximum. The member is characterized by special sensitivity, so that the movement should be light and smooth. If a man doubts whether even a Massage, it is necessary to trust in professionals.

For the process steps in the following:

  1. You have to take for the root of the Penis, then gently and slowly, keep your Hand on the head of the Penis. During the Manipulation, the man should try to stretch member to the fabric as hard as possible.
  2. Your index finger and thumb necessary, from the base of the Penis to the tip and a little bit of Stretch fabric. Such measures lead to a thickening of the Penis, what is the goal of the implementation of the manipulations.
  3. As soon as the cock gets harder, it needs to stretched position in the Hand, then back in, leave for 10 seconds and repeat.

To the procedure, as damage to the soft tissues of the penis, Massage must be carefully carried out, and at the appearance of the discomfort and pain should stop. Also for minor complaints you should consult a doctor, a cause of the emergence of pain and the Massage is a different procedure to replace.

To enlarge the Penis and to achieve increased erections, you need to normalize hormones. The man must ensure that the level of testosterone was in the blood to normal. He plays an important role in sexual life. Upon a decrease of the sex hormone, none of the methods are not able to get a positive result.

In addition, it is necessary to follow the diet — avoid to drive oily and Junk Food, Sport and to integrate in your diet food rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Fatty food leads to the formation of cholesterol Plaques in the blood vessels, the normal blood circulation hamper. You need to know which products will help bad cholesterol to deduce them in the diet. The complete elimination of fat-containing foods is also with negative consequences for the afflicted, therefore, it is better to see a specialist, chooses the best Option power supply based on the characteristics of the organism. The consumption of healthy food increases the protective functions of the body and the ability to work with external and internal stimuli that have a negative impact on the potency. To affect on male sexual power and harmful habits — Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol reduces the human immune system, causing viruses and microbes which cause problems in the functioning of the sexual organs. Also alcohol has a negative effect on the liver, in the body of substances and toxins that are not excreted and will always be the most important factor for functional disorders of the internal organs of poison. Regular use of effective methods to combat erectile dysfunction and the observance of a healthy way of life can lead to a positive result.

Ways of thickening of the Penis

Nowadays, there are many possibilities, thickening of the Penis. The desired result, you stay the course and recommendations of the doctor. The effect is visible, if a procedure on a regular basis under the supervision of the medical worker.

Most common procedures are:

  • manual technique;
  • surgical Operation;
  • Vacuum Pump;
  • Extender.

Each of these techniques has advantages and disadvantages. To choose the type of treatment, says the doctor, after examination of the patient. If a man wants to to enhance sex organ, he must submit the necessary analyses to consult with your doctor and the contra-indications. The method is selected based on the individual characteristics of the organism. For example, a Patient, a method to harm another. So, before you begin, doctor, weighing the potential risks and only after that the procedure begins.

Manual Method

proper nutrition

This method is very popular among men due to the lack of risk of complications. To perform it easily at home, if you know the technique of execution. Manual method comprises performing the various exercises. This method gives good results if the exercises are performed when the state of erection. For the beginning of the strain on the Penis should be minimal, but after some time, the intensity and complexity of exercises.

For the increase of the head of the Penis, you need to warm up the tissue, and then the exercises begin. For a fast warm wash cloth, previously soaked in hot water, and begin to massage cock. To decrease after the Penis has to be warmed to lubricate the lubricant to reduce the risk of damage to the skin Pokrov. In the case of the manual method follow the following steps:

  1. Sex organs begin to stroke it gently.
  2. After that, you have to press down on the tail so long until it erection.
  3. Hand along the underside of the Penis compress, then gently pull the crown of the member. Hold in this Position for about a Minute, then release.
  4. Head, slowly pull, do it until you feel slight pain, keep you in this state for half a Minute, then return to the starting position and after 10 seconds repeat.

After the Manipulation a light Massage of your Penis, it helps to normalize the blood circulation.


To increase the thickness of the Penis vacuum use pump, available in specialist shops, in Sex Shop. The mechanism of action of this device is that the Penis fills with blood and increases in length. This method, despite of lightness, is not common. This is due to the fact that the vacuum-pump. But if you the device for a long period of time, you can achieve a strengthening of male potency, as well as the increase in the size of the Penis.

The advantages of this device does not have a specific knowledge need, to use since the vacuum pump is easy. When a man realizes impairment in sexual life, can it to buy this device. If erectile function is not in connection with the problems of the organs of the small pelvis, then the positive result can be seen in a short period of time. So, when you discover the first symptoms of the deterioration of the work of the prostate, contact a urologist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.


Currently, there are devices that can help the Penis in circumference. As the manufacturers say, they are not harmful to the sexual Organ and will have a positive effect on the Penis if used properly. One of these devices is to act as an Extender. In order to achieve results, follow the instructions:

  1. Lock the Penis in the device.
  2. By means of a special mechanism of the Penis margins.
  3. Let the member in this Position for a while for the elongation of the tissue. Such a procedure is a male tail is longer and fuller.
  4. Repeat preferably several times a week and over time increase the load.

The implementation can stretch within a month, however, the effect will be noticeable after 2 weeks. Despite the fact that this method is not very popular, he has organ advantages over other methods to improve the male sexual. The advantage of the method is that the result remains the same during the entire life. The Penis varies in length and circumference, which is very important for the quality of sexual life. If you use the recommendations and the device correctly, you can get a visible result. Sold Extender in stores, also available on the official Websites. The cost for this device is in average US $ 50 and on the websites the price can be significantly lower. No worry about the safety of the application of this device, since the Extender urologist approved.

Surgical Operation

Surgical Intervention to change the width and the length of the Penis is a complicated type of surgery. To this method, not all of them are ready to attack, as there are risks and complications. The doctor during the Operation, fat tissues from the abdomen and in the Penis transplanted. In the course of the Operation, the Penis is no longer a few inches. The success of such an intervention depends on the male body, sometimes there are also negative consequences, which include:

how to enlarge his Penis
  • Deformation member of the men;
  • Loss of sensation;
  • Man can not feel pain at the time of erection lead to the loss of potency;
  • Numbness in the transplanted tissue.

The consequences of the Operation are difficult, so we have to go before you decide for the implementation of such a procedure, the full inspection and the analysis. The doctor will calculate the possible risks and if you are high, it is the doctor replaced the surgical Intervention to another method.