The essays on the tail will increase

Articles penis enlargement is an artificial device in the Form of the male sexual organ. Men almost always so wistful size of the Penis your, apply with a visit to the adult stores were. Thanks to a special hand piece, the change in the sexual life of men, much for the better – Partner to be sensitive member in the belt to feel and experience intense orgasms, increase the duration of sexual intercourse by several times.

Types and application of the articles


There are many types of nozzles, mainly focused on the length and the thickness. Apart from this, to increase nozzles for Penis, have different shapes, colors, additional curves and Spikes, the vibrations, so that a specific sensitivity of the genitals of both partners, as well as the nature of the materials from which they are made. For variety in the sex life of couple in love, a whole range of penis enlargement can purchase that will brighten up your intimate corner.

The attachment for the Penis is very convenient to use – before intercourse on the erect cock. For the reliability of the fastening, the special Ring is included, sometimes included in the scope of delivery. Fixing in advance, carefully washed with warm water with application of washing-or special Fund for silicone and Latex. Apply allows various lubricants and creams to use condoms.

Pros and cons

When a man suffers from a small diameter or short Penis, which will help him considerably, the different types of the nozzle, the him of this Problem. Easy to use, you can achieve the incredible sensations during Sex with proper use, a long time will be saved, every man does not have erectile dysfunction. The disadvantages are the high prices for exclusive lamps with additional elements for anal or other Stimulation. Also nozzles for Penis wear is only temporary in nature, limiting the man is a natural advantage for the maximum size for occasional sexual relations.

Extender to enlarge the Penis

Most of the men ashamed of their dimensions of Penis, what is a negative effect on your emotional state. One of the most effective methods to achieve the expected results in the sexual sense of the Extender. Extender is a special penis enlargement device, man can live an improvement in the private. By extended wear of up to a duration of six months, the device is able to your Penis for 3-4 cm in length, and add measurable sizes in diameter. The great popularity of the vacuum Extender, of the men of different ages, do not feel any discomfort when wearing it. The principle of operation of this device is based on the bite member by the negative pressure. In addition, special studies of the doctors, sexologists have found that the use of vacuum extenders is an auxiliary method in the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction in men.

The use of Extender and its effect

With the Extender, the fixation masculinity is in a stretched Position with a duration of less than 6 hours per day, with breaks every half hour to 20-30 minutes. This spongy structure of the Penis, regularly, full to the brim with blood, adjusts itself to such an extension, which results in the future to enlarge the Penis without any Backlink changes. Extenders are classified mainly on the bow, belt and versatile. Each man chooses the device for the magnification individually, according to his wish. The fastening of the expander is a man with his own hands, without the help of persons outside the home. First of all, we need to wear "quiet" member of the bottom plastic platform, then metal rods (rods) bolted in accordance with the length of the erect organ. Silicone Harness vdevaetsya in the foam attachment Ring and bends to be inserted into the upper plastic platform (available in some types of Ring clamp) according to the pushing on the Extender. Actuating mechanism at the end should be no impact on the head of the Penis, as this can impede the blood circulation. After a member is worn to increase on the Extender, you can wear loose clothes and not worry that it from the eyes of others.

How to choose the fixtures

Men tried to increase your sex organ, many times the wrong choice and lost a lot of time. However, experiences a wide variety of nozzles and devices for penis enlargement, whose sexual life is considerably improved. Despite the large selection of electrical devices, each of them requires a thorough investigation of the implementation guide and if there are any serious diseases in connection with the internal organs of the groin – compulsory advice of the doctor.

Remember that the artificial essays give only the effect of increased on time, the constant wearing impossible. The pleasure during use, receives the papers, mostly the Partner, the man boasts not only its size and activity. Here, weak erection can ruin the process, so before you apply nozzles on the need to remedy the Situation with the potency. Penis Extender is important. Continued use of the device, the fulfillment of desires, ensures that the sexual Organ is really able to increase in size. In the time of carrying can move freely on the road, the time at work. You need to shoot the unit in front of the sexual contact and use of the toilet, the rest of the time he has caused no complaints. Thanks to modern technology, men desperate dreams, can realize to improve their dignity and to show the opportunities in the private sector.

The Operation physiognomy of the male Penis

Penile prosthesis — a surgical Operation. Currently, the majority of men suffers from impotence. Many of them is the well-known therapies, in particular physiotherapy, counselling psychotherapists help, various pharmacological agents such as viagra. But there are situations where such treatment does not help, then come to the aid of surgeons.

Methods of penis enlargement

The doctors together with the engineers an effective method that allows you to get rid of such problems such as impotence, developed the penile prosthesis. First hard prosthesis was not too comfortable, because the Penis remained the whole time in a state of erection. Later it was possible to improve on this design significantly. The current soft prostheses are manageable and differ greatly from their hard predecessor.

The prosthesis consists of two cylinders implanted cavernous body. Then drive with the help of the pump hidden in the scrotum. After the Operation, required to abstain for 2 months.

In today's time the medicine can help almost all patients, including those such a hopeless pathology, such as fibrosis. After the surgery, the lost ability to return prostheses. Along with this man's full sexual Potential acquires, as the prosthesis, the possibility of a return to sexual contact of any duration.

The penile prosthesis is considered to be the most effective Option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction organic.

Recovery of sexual function is it possible to have more than 95% of the patients.

The Operation was successful, you need to identify correct indications for prosthetics. This provides for a positive Operation result. It is important not to forget that the Implantation of the prosthesis is the final Phase of treatment. If false, the indications, the result of the Operation can fail, and the use of another alternative method of treatment is no longer possible.

Types of dentures for a member

Modern versions of prostheses are characterized by a high degree of robustness. The simplest is a rigid prostheses. They are less convenient in application. Their design consists of paired elastic silicone rods, the member of the desired hardness. Such prostheses have no parameters, peculiar to a flexible prosthesis, the hardness, the plastic memory and the Variable. A member is always in a state of tension, simulating an erection. This fact strongly in both the social as well as sexual adaptation of the man, which complicates the conditions for the formation of complications. However, the prostheses of this type have a great advantage — low costs. Today, such prostheses are not to be used in medicine practical.

The next type of prosthesis plastic. He has two fixed cylinder and has a plastic memory. This allows the man himself at the eating Penis to the desired Position. The member will acquire the natural appearance and retains its function. Plastic memory of this type of tooth replacement is through a metal bar in the middle of the prosthesis.

Inflatable Prosthesis. This type has a permanent stiffness and is today regarded as the most perfect. Variable hardness ensures a true renewal of the sexual function, this sexual organ a good aesthetic appearance after surgery. Another Plus inflatable prosthesis is a small probability of the formation of pressure ulcers, as pressure on the substance is missing. Out of all the inflatable prosthesis is preferred, in General, the modern three-way type catalysts models.

Indications for prosthetics

There is a list of indications for which the doctor prescribed the patient rubs the Implantation of the prosthesis into the Penis. These include indications erectile dysfunction, under-development member, the inefficiency of the vacuum medium, or inadmissibility of a possible therapy:. The Implantation of the prosthesis is bladder patients with endocrine impotence (Diabetes mellitus), as well as after a bad result of the previous surgery, after surgery on the prostate, the rectum or in the urine. Penile prosthesis prescribe men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction. This type of disease is called atypical, so the diagnosis can the basis of non-self for the surgery, the Implantation for the patient.

The physiognomy of the Penis in patients with this disease, only in those cases in which mental disorders can not correct with the help of several such courses classical types of treatment, such as psychotherapy, intake of specific medicines, use of vacuum devices, special injections of vasoactive drugs.

Before the Operation

>The most frightening complication as a result of the performed Operation on the Penis — it is an infection. Due to the fact that in the human body implanted with a foreign object, the operation should be under absolute sterility. This is especially true for patients with Diabetes, since they are prone to infection is greater than normal people. For them, preoperative preparation is very important.

Before the Operation, the Patient has to control blood sugar levels. Also excluded are all symptoms of the infection. You need to heal before the Operation. All of the patients under treatment with anti-bacterial drugs. Before the start of the Operation, we recommend the use of a antiseptic soap when washing the Penis and scrotum every day before the Operation.

Surgery, prosthetics involves a short stay in hospital, reduce the risk of infection. After completion of the Operation, the Patient is monitored with the urinary catheter is removed as soon as the man is able to get up and move. Bandage and dressing are valid during the entire stay in the hospital. In addition, the packages within 4 days after the surgery is recommended.

After the Operation

the Operation according to the increase of the member

After prosthetic Penis, patients with a small swelling and blood expect bruising in the area of the Penis and the scrotum. The doctor prescribes the patient a seven-day course of taking anti-bacterial medicines and pain relievers. After surgery life within 2 months of forbidden sex. This is done to ensure the fabric was fully recovered. After a week the Patient should come to the clinic, so the doctor checked the condition of the seams. To reduce swelling, usually after the Operation to wear tight underwear.

In General, prosthodontics is successful, the man begins a new Phase in private life. The degree of satisfaction of prosthesis in the Penis as a result of the surgical prosthetic member is about 95%. Such an Operation is a very simple process. However, despite this, the patients need to remember that the experience of the surgeon and the selection of the hospitals depends on many things, since these parameters play a decisive role. Sterility in the operating room, the presence of the Operation of the entire necessary facilities and equipment, high qualification of the doctor and the BRIGADE of surgeons — factors which make it possible to avoid any problems that are excluded during the Operation. These factors have a direct influence on the result and the quality of the performed Operation.