As you increase the thickness of the Penis, not damage?

Data, by nature, are not always completely satisfied people. For men of great importance are the dimensions of the Penis. There is an opinion that the thickness and length of the Penis and the quality of sexual life. Therefore, many representatives of the stronger sex are want to know how to increase the thickness of the Penis. There are medical, surgical, and manual techniques, changes in the structure of the body. Each of them has special properties and a list of contraindications. Before you start to use one of the options, you should be familiar with all the nuances.

Indications for the treatment


Self-evaluation of the size of the Penis in most cases, subjective. Therefore, in case of doubt, you should consult a doctor.

To take in the case of small deviations sufficiently conservative actions. Including the use of various creams and supplements. In difficult situations, a surgical Intervention is required.

Indications for the implementation of procedures for the correction of the volume of the following:

  • Dissatisfaction Partner Intimacy;
  • mental disorders on the background of the insufficient size of the member;
  • Delay of physical development;
  • hormonal disturbances.

The possibilities of the change in the thickness

Way thickening of the Penis is in the individual order. Regardless of which Option you choose, follow the recommendations of experts. Only then the result will be visible.

All of the possible types is conditionally possible to divide into the following groups:

  • exercises and Massage;
  • surgical options;
  • Taking medications;
  • Vacuum-Pump.

Surgical Options

The surgical procedure is performed when other methods have failed. As you increase the diameter of the member in the details of the surgeon told.

There are several possibilities for surgical correction of the Penis. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages.


In the framework of the procedure, sex organ tissue is thickened by the introduction of fat from other areas of the body of the man. The main advantage of surgery is considered to be the low probability of a rejection of the material.

In most cases, the result remains until the end of life. But in the course of time have entered the tissues can break. After a while, you may need a second Operation.

The procedure is done in several steps:

  1. Preparation, including the delivery of the necessary analyses, and the passage of various specialists.
  2. Fence fat cells from the area of the hips and the buttocks;
  3. The cleaning of the cells removed.
  4. A uniform introduction of the cells in the Penis.
  5. The wearing of the Bandage in the recovery phase.

The Transplantation of muscle tissue

In the case of the Transplantation of muscle tissue you take with the ventral area of the corset or forearm grips. The increase in the volume of the member is done with the method of his "Routledge" in the prepared substance.

The fastening is done by sewing the blood vessels. As a result of the method, the thickness of the body is increased to 3-4 cm

Technology "Spring"

The complicated Operation is performed in the technique of "spring". It implies a complete separation of the parts of the Penis, to the implantation of tissue therebetween skeleton made of cartilage. This type of surgery is in extreme cases. This is due to the high probability of development of complications.

These include the following:

  • the scar formation;
  • of inflammatory process;
  • Rejection of foreign tissue;
  • Reducing the sensitivity of the organ;
  • incorrect healing of the tissue.

The recovery process after the surgery is a longer, about 12 months. For the avoidance of inflammation of the first time need to take antibiotics. To limit sexual activity. Upon the occurrence of signs of complications is necessary to see a doctor.

Planting Bulbs

Specific, but not less common method of increasing the girth of the male organ as planting bulbs. They are made of hypoallergenic Material. The procedure you the chance to increase the thickness of the Penis in certain areas.

Implantation of foreign bodies has not only a surgeon but also an expert in the area of Body modification.

In the case of the introduction under the skin of the different materials the man the risk of complications needs to be aware of. Present the probability of the formation of the inflammatory process and a rejection of the material.

Non-surgical methods

the surgery for penis extension

The main advantage of non-surgical methods of Penis thickening security for the health and the low probability of the development of complications. How can a ramp, the size and increase the thickness of the member, says the doctor. He studied history and selects the optimal form of treatment. The decision itself is not very recommended.

Massage and movement

The object of the exercises and Penis Massage consists in an enlargement of the corpora cavernosa Tel. During the excitation, they increase in size and blood in this sender. The larger the capacity of the body, the greater the thickness of the Penis.

The exercises should be carried out in compliance with a special technique. His injury leads to injury of the organ. The effectiveness of the exercises depends on the regularity of the training, the increase the Penis. The load should be increased during the training with the time.

Among the most common and most effective exercises are the following:

  1. It should be possible to cock, pull forward, and then tilt it in different directions. In each of the authority's fixed at 10 seconds.
  2. Strong Hand with the fingers at the base of the Penis, you need to progress in the direction of the head and press it even stronger for a few seconds. This exercise is repeated at least 10 times.
  3. With the help of the index and of the big toe massaging the base member should, carefully of the skin stretching. Gradual movement through the other.


Extender is a modern device to stretch the Penis with a special charge. The total duration of wearing is 2 months. A longer carry is capable to harm the health, because of the pressure on the sexual organ.

The process of elongation of the member increases the elasticity of the tissues and stimulates the growth of cells. The whereabouts of the body in a state of erection, the swelling in consequence of the blood flow.

This contributes to an increase in its volume. An average monthly growth of the options is 5 ml. after 2 months of wearing the member of the device to the Maximum possible result (assuming prolonged use Extender) – 4 cm is increased to 1 cm.

On the effectiveness of the procedure affected by the following factors:

  1. The regularity of the tightening of the device. The desired effect you need to wear daily.
  2. Hormone status. If the Problem is provoked occasionally, a lack of testosterone, wearing the Extender is useless.
  3. The original shape of the organ.
  4. Old Men. In the more Mature age anatomical data change more difficult than in boys.

Extender loop, vacuum tubes are adhesive, with elastic belts and vacuum.


The effect of vacuum pumps is based on the change of pressure on the genital organ. The pump is a device consisting of bottles for the Penis and the lever for the air supply.

After the placement of the member in the piston is under pressure, stimulates the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Because of this relieve.

As a result of their use eliminates problems with erection and increases the thickness of the Penis. Among the negative points, the short storage of the result.

In the selection of the pumps, it is recommended to make sure of what it is made. The most suitable Material is hypoallergenic. To save the request in this case is inappropriate. Parts of the instrument must be strong and stable to use.

Ointments and creams

The main advantage of creams and ointments for thickening member – local nature of the use. The active components are not covered in the circulation of the blood. So side effects are in rare cases.

After applying such funds, it irritation. It improves blood circulation, promotes the tides of blood to the sexual Organ.

As the active components of plants act extracts and exotic materials. The effect of the use of the resources of the local application is practically Instant. Wear them immediately before intercourse. Cock more and more volume, improves erection and increases stamina of the man.

The disadvantages of creams and ointments to wear a short effect. It more than 1-2 days. Before the application, a list of contraindications and the possibility of occurrence of side effects, it is desirable. Among them, the allergic reaction to components of mark.

You can increase your penis size helps a comprehensive approach. The effect is more pronounced in the case of the combination of several techniques.

Hormonal Tablets

Devices for penis enlargement

The current question of interest to many men, so you can increase the thickness of the Penis with hormonal tablets. Their effectiveness is due to increased testosterone levels in the body.

The treatment does not mean that the manual and surgical effects on sexual organ. The increase of volumes of the Penis occurs naturally under the influence of internal processes of the organism.

The disadvantages of the intake of hormonal agents bring a high risk of the emergence of negative symptoms. The incorrect use of the pill leads to an excessive cover of body hair, with the formation of brittle voice, and increased irritability.

Before the use of tablets analysis should pass, and hormone status. Taking hormones is justified, if the appropriate problems. If the testosterone in the standard, such drugs produce the opposite effect.

Choice of method changes in the volume of the Penis should be based on the complexity of the Situation. It is determined individually. In the case of small deviations the help of medical creams or ointments is recommended. In the case of hormone disorders due to the intake of the tablets. Surgical intervention is only in severe situations when other methods are ineffective.