Exercises for penis enlargement

In our time, through extensive advertising and the interest of the producer, especially popular was the issue of the size of the male Penis, and in this context, also a great demand for various methods of increase of the member appeared. They are very different and diverse from creams, ointments, tablets, supplements, and operating up to the simple exercise about you, and then it goes.

Be extremely careful with stretching and pivoting suspension of the Penis of various goods, it can lead to terrible consequences. Ask Your Doctor!

how to enlarge his Penis

But how is all this effective? It can really help the Penis or is it another way to pull money out of the gullible customers? Opinions differ diametrically, in the conversation in an article, and so the same are the most popular exercises of increase of a member.

Exercises for penis enlargement: the destruction of the myth

Exercises for penis enlargement are aimed at the expansion and enlargement of the tissues of the Penis. These exercises can be manually as well as with the help of different auxiliary devices.

However, be careful — despite the prevailing misconception that in the Penis is nothing to break, damage, turn it off completely of functionality, it is possible!

What are the exercises for the Penis are

To increase the Penis, there are two directions:

  1. Strengthening exercises for the muscles of the Penis (pelvic floor muscles);
  2. Elongation and enlargement of the tissues of the Penis, the goal is the creation of new cells in the tissue.

Penis enlargement exercises: the destruction of the myth

So, we break be prepared for the myth: the root of the Penis contains no substances, which buy a larger volume of exercise and Training. Take a look at a typical Video on the increase of the Penis, in it is the most popular method to enlarge the Penis:

As you know, such a "Massage" leads to an increase in the penis size.

On the other hand, and by such action, be use can regular these exercises reduce the sensitivity of the Penis, and this will prolong your sexual intercourse and prevents premature ejaculation. But, I repeat, to the increase in the size of your Penis should not count.

Penis enlargement with the help of the devices

Device to enlarge the Penis can be roughly divided into two types: stretching and vacuum.

The first represent various types of devices, whose purpose is to lengthen the Penis by creating a constant tensile load on him.

  • Theoretically, man is capable of in size the most striking example of women padung change your body, with such a long neck, that you can suffocate if support weight loss your rings.
  • However, to achieve this it is necessary, the effects start with early childhood, and the result is not the beauty and pathology.
  • The human body is not inclined, in General, respond well to the change in the inherent nature in him, mechanisms and processes.

So theoretically, you could extend the tail, to stretch him for a very long time, but rarely manages, and cause damage to the tissues of the Penis there is a Chance.

The second type of devices for penis enlargement, vacuum pump operates according to the principle, pumps the air out of the container, whereby a pressure. Penis, encapsulated in the Workspace Extender, begins is stimulated, blood filling.

Such devices are more than popular, as the results in the Form of an erection is immediately visible, especially as these devices help to achieve quick erection in erectile disorders.

The special feature is the extenders that you are not used to for a long time — you can easily overdo it and to reach bleeding.

The corpora cavernosa of the Penis are not for constant load, so "abnormal" use of promises nothing good.

The right exercises for penis enlargement

Many of the men in sports, asked: is it possible to pump the Penis and make it more and clearly? To answer this question, you must begin to speak about the anatomy of the man. Especially: the Penis is not made of muscles, but of the cartilaginous transverse processes.

What gives in this case the Penis a solid state? Horny view Penis acquires from the flood of the blood, because of this it Penis is in erection and significantly increases.

So, Penis pumps, and do not increase, thus, it is possible, but maybe make it longer with the help of special exercises to perform at home. In this article, we will explain how you can do this.

Pre-heating time

There are many exercises for penis enlargement are a little traumatic, you need a thorough warming of the cavernous body before the workout.

  • For this, you should dip a towel in hot water to make it wet and hot.
  • More thoroughly, you wring in a towel, and wrap the Penis completely in about 2-3 minutes.
  • Skin and blood vessels more supple, the help, the probability of injuries reduce to zero.

The first exercise

Methods of penis enlargement

The first thing you will need is a lubricant. With the help of which you can do the exercises without any harm on your Penis. Put lubricate lubricate comfortably on the edge of the bed or chair, and Penis.

With the thumb and index finger grasp the Penis at its base and start slowly removed the skin on the head, because the stretching of the corpora cavernosa of the Penis.

  • After a while your Penis will win the excited state and increase in size.
  • So it should be, these necessary conditions of the exercises.
  • In spite of the increase of the Penis size, keep up the exercise, without weakening the gripping force at the base.
  • You must the speed of the reciprocating translational movements of the base of the Penis to raise his head.

By this exercise, try as possible to hold more blood in the corpora cavernosa of the Penis pores.

After 10 minutes you can attain an erection, the maximum compress of the Penis to the base with the purpose of the delay must take blood to the Penis so that you stretch the body of the cavernous Sinus.

Hold the Penis in such a state for 1 Minute, then release.

If during training, a slight discomfort or pain you feel – you should immediately stop Training and re-read the instructions for its execution.

If you regularly repeated this exercise every day, you will be able to enlarge your Penis up to 3 cm for 1 month.

The second exercise

The main objective of this exercise is the stretching of the Penis in the length, first in the non-excited, and then in the erection.

After the necessary preparation by heating the Penis to cover the head does not need to interfere in the blood stream, and the execution of lifting movement begins, namely: pressing and stretching of the Penis, alternately. In this exercise, you will achieve streamers cavernous body which the Penis consists.

Every time you opened it and try the Penis stretch before the appearance of the low morbidity and each time attract more and more. But be careful: this exercise can cause minor injuries, which is undesirable for the success of the training.

If you can reach a maximum elongation of your Penis, try within 10 seconds of delay in such a state, first of all Stretching in front of you, and then lift it up and just hold 10-15 seconds in the maximum extended state, without weakening the gripping force of the Hand.

The third exercise

It is in the Training not excited member in a relaxed state. To do this, you need to have a Penis with your fingers and try to stretch the application of a moderate amount of force to start it in the length. To do each repetition is recommended after 10-15 seconds.

  • After the execution of 10 repetitions, change the Position and stretch of the Penis and lift it upwards, increasing the pressure on the pubic bone.
  • In the future, you start stretching your Penis, rotate it 360 degrees, what is the cartilaginous appendages helps to stretch at the base of the Penis.
  • After completion of training, you need to a relaxing Massage, spend time with the objective of restoring the circulatory system.
  • Can also take a hot bath, a positive effect not only on your Training but also on the testes.
  • Preheat be able to help you to cope and deal with the experiences that you have received, in the conduct of exercises.

Massage exercise for the Penis

Massage exercise for the Penis (Fu), designed to improve its properties. This method Arabs borrowed from Generation to Generation, from father to son, the practice of this exercise deliveries.

What is useful, Massage?

From the positive sides of this exercise, the following should:

  1. Enlargement of Penis (length and girth);
  2. Improvement of the blood of the fulness of the frequency inverter (improve the hardness of the erection, see more at Link);
  3. The overcoming of stagnant processes in the human rights education.

The essence of the exercise

The main task of the Massage is to drain a large amount of blood in the Penis. Because of the resulting pressure micro-traumas can form in the structure of the frequency Converter. In General, such injuries heal quickly and this leads to the fact that on the grounds of the old tissue and form new, but already in larger numbers.

Use this function to enlarge the Penis, the essence of which is a Super compensation by the body of the injured tissue.

For example, the directional effect of the Massage on the Penis compared to the muscles with the growth: during exercise muscle fibers are injured, and while you are at your other muscle fibers, but more than the previous.

The technique of running a wet-Massage (Pre-lubricated, frequency Converter bold):

  1. Set the degree of erection in 50-75% (optimal values, since more Trauma, less inefficient);
  2. You bend the thumb and index finger in the Ring (handle is OK), and grasp the tail as close as possible to the base;
  3. Press the handle and slowly, over the course of 3 seconds, press and hold the recording to the head, inverter, keep the Penis parallel to the floor;
  4. As soon as your coverage is at the base of the head, grab the base of the Penis with the other Hand and the handle next to the head;
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with the other Hand.

After performing the Massage in a quiet state of the frequency inverter must look bigger, too big – an unmistakable sign that the Massage was successful.

In this way, it is not a difficult exercise, but it takes a while to master it completely. After the Massage, useful exercises for muscle Hernia.


exercises for penis enlargement

Prerequisite a previous heating of the frequency inverter is – this will minimize injuries and prepares a member to practice with. Terminate the procedure of the Massage must also.

Methods of preheating:

  • Shower;
  • Compress. Make a hot compress on the frequency inverter with a piece of cloth. They keep the desired temperature of the tissue during its cooling;
  • Container with warm water. You lower the inverter into a container with warm water – it should be warm enough for space heating and does not deliver discomfort (too hot).

Warming must not take less than 5 minutes. After pre-heating of the frequency inverter, soft, relaxed and big-should – an unmistakable sign that the warming successfully.

The main points of the Massage

What to consider in the first place, in the execution of the Massage:

  • Symmetric movements with both hands. Since the execution of the exercises requires shift work, Hand, be sure that the handle, the movement and the force of the grip was the same for two hands. If this is not observed, the asymmetry of the Penis and its curvature in one of the parties, due to the fact that one of the parties will grow faster;
  • The same pressure to the whole root of the Penis. Many tend to increases the pressure until the end of the head, which can lead to a kind of "baseball bat", when the base member is smaller at the beginning of the heads of human rights education;
  • The duration of the movement. For a good study, you note the duration of the motion not less than 3 seconds;
  • The degree of erection. Make sure that the level of erection was in the area of 50-70%. If the level of erection increased, make a small break, so he slept until the desired Band. The same applies to Low-Level-erections – Massage in this state is ineffective.

Indicators of overtraining

After performing Massage on the Penis, red or black spots, bruises from ruptured capillaries may occur. You should have a break from classes until full recovery from injury.

A deterioration of the erection or the absence of morning erections suggests that you take a little break and reduce the intensity of the workout.

The degree of erection

The degree of erection influence on which Option is better prepared: in the case of a lower level of erection on elaborating on the length, in the case of a high extent. First of all, you avoid the level of erection more than 70%, since the inverter is still not on the stress and likely injury.

But after a certain period of training, if your priority is the increase in the extent of the frequency inverter, in this case, you need to massage with 80-90% erection.

At this level of erection in order to avoid injuries, you should begin with light pressure, progressively with the following exercises a little by increasing the intensity.