Pump for penis enlargement

Not every man is satisfied with the size of your Penis, and the desire, the Situation occurs when the most. Among the many variants, there is a safe and effective way – use pump for penis enlargement. This device is not only for the preservation of its impressive dimensions, but also for the treatment of impotence.

Type of application

how to enlarge his Penis

Vacuum pump is a cylinder with a special device for pumping air. Penis, which is exposed in this Kolba, rarefied atmosphere, whereby the blood circulation is stimulated and the corpora cavernosa, which the Penis is to begin to stretch in length and width.

Pumping out the air the impression of an artificial erection, with a significant increase in the Penis. Penis hardens and maintains the elasticity.

The use of this device is the cheap and effective way of changing the size of the Penis. There are many Video Tutorials on the correct use of a vacuum pump, which will help prevent injury to the body, but for absolute safety, you should carefully read the instructions to the selected device, as it allows the individual characteristics.

The use of the insulin pump aims not only at increasing the size of the Penis. Stimulation of the blood circulation of the body allows the execution of the active process of tissue regeneration and restores erectile function.

Indications for use of vacuum pumps:

  • Violation of the erectile function;
  • a weak sensation of orgasm;
  • Congestion in the pelvic organs;
  • to increase the desire, the sizes of the Penis.

Prior to the application of a vacuum pump, it is recommended that the advice of a doctor, as there are a number of restrictions for the use of this device.


Any intervention in the natural process of the functioning of the human body, with risk, so you use the penis enlargement device with caution and according to the instructions. The excessive use of the pump can lead to erectile dysfunction, decline of potency or pain, the sensations in the body.

  • to treat prior to the start of the procedure the Penis with a special lubricant;
  • processed Penis fits in the piston, and vented;
  • increased pressure occurs within such period of time as in the manual for the product;
  • after the expiration of the time required for the implementation of the method, by means of a special valve within the pump, the air starts, due to the reduction happened pressure;
  • on the Penis, the worn in an excited state, the Ring, the fixation of the result for a certain statement period.

If the enlargement of the Penis water-pump, pre-treatment applied as required. The Penis needs to steam in the hot tub for 8-10 minutes, thereafter, in the piston of the device. The base is optimally adjusted to the body, remove the hair on the pubic area.

Help to achieve the desired results in the position, levels approach to increase the load. For the first treatment we recommend is a pump the Penis for more than five minutes. Further, in the course of the first week of the exercises, ten minutes up to once a day.

From the second week of exposure, up to 15 minutes, with the third – after 10 minutes, twice a day of the, next – after 15 minutes, twice a day.

For the successful execution of the procedure, the implementation of the special treatment of Pomp is. Care of the device helps to increase the service life and avoid pain at work.

After executing the procedure again antiseptic treatment of the instrument and wipe dry with a towel or cloth to make. When using the insulin pump should not be used, lubricating substances on the Basis of Vaseline, cooking oil or cosmetic gels and creams.

The correct use of the device offers the possibility of impressive results, but excessive efforts can interfere with the positive effect and bring the suffering of the people. In order to prevent injuries and skin lesions, you must observe the following rules:

  • All pain sensations reason for the termination of the execution the pumps of the Penis. Prior to the resumption of the teaching, the cause of the problem and try to fix it. As a nuisance is in the Phase of the constriction of the skin, or in the wrong arrangement of the lamp – you will need to repair the Installation-pump. If the cause is unclear, it is better to see a doctor.
  • Hard Load. The change in the pressure in the piston should be done gradually, with the increase of the values, in accordance with the instructions. Tests run fast, impressive results in injury.
  • The duration of a session are required to be in compliance with the instructions. The exceeding of the time associated with the cessation of normal circulation of the blood in the Penis, resulting in decreased supply to the cells and their death. The maximum allowable value of 40 minutes.
  • The training plan is also important. On the day of application the vacuum pump is not more than two meetings should, as otherwise the desired result will be much more difficult.

Actually, the Penis has an extraordinary strength, and interfere with its functionality is not simple, but a sensible approach to increase in its size with a vacuum pump, you will receive a guaranteed income without the hassle of inconvenience.


Pump for Penis

Before using the vacuum pump, you should carefully read the instructions for use, instead of helping to no problems get.

This device must not men be applied with the following diseases:

  • Thrombosis;
  • Fibrosis;
  • Pathology of the liver;
  • Disturbances of kidney function;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Lesions of the cardiovascular System;
  • Disorders of the urinary system.

If a man, for health reasons, not sure of the possibility of the use of vacuum pumps for increasing the size of the Penis, he should see a doctor or to abandon the idea. Even if there are no contraindications to improper use of the device can lead to undesirable consequences:

  • Reduction in sensitivity of the glans;
  • drying of the skin and the formation of micro-cracks after long procedures;
  • Pain in the Penis;
  • Fractures of the capillaries;
  • the formation of hematomas;
  • Violation of the erectile function in case of frequent use of the pump, up to complete impotence;
  • the weakening of the sperm motility up to the impossibility of fertilization of the female egg;
  • the decrease in the volume of the seminal fluid.

To avoid the negative effects, you need to carefully read the instructions of the instrument and not to engage excessively in this process. The risk of injury or other unwanted consequences below, when the pump for penis enlargement is with a pressure gauge. In this case, the man has the ability to regulate the pressure, without the context of the allowable voltage.

Of the self-built devices, better to abstain, you are not safe and can.in unpredictable, for Penis, mode