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  • Andreas
    The Gel helped not only increase, but give new sensations during Sex. For the month of use, could not the increase to 4 inches, is to me, in principle, also be necessary. Duration of intercourse become longer, nearly double and after the first erection and ejaculation, the arousal happens very quickly. I think the secret is in the regularity of the treatments and to properly lubricate Gel without a lot of pressure. The woman is excited, full of harmony and understanding in the bed, which is very important on the 8. The year of the marriage. Recommend titanium!
  • Ingrid
    The man took advantage of titanium 1.5 months, during this time, was at 4.5 cm, you increase the length and 1 cm in diameter of the Penis. Was so shocked by the result, the nights are brighter and more interesting. To recommend a review write girl of this Tool. You help your husband and yourself to achieve new results. The man with the new size, it was more trust in me, soon to the improvement of the work. In General, some of the advantages of the Gel.
  • Stephan
    Gel multi-functional, I use it differently. For larger sizes every day wear in the evening is not important, Sex or not, just like drug ointment. If the planned encounter with a girl, lubricate the before having Sex. In this case, the Gel works as a perfect aphrodisiac. Is worth and let it work in, like a wave of blood into the groin commences, the skin is hot, and you get an erection. You can use a layer thicker, and then Titanium perfect as a lubricant. He sharpens the sensations that Sex brings even more fun.
  • Klaus
    Titanium does not increase the size, but still put on a solid 5. Immediately after applying the gel, in the bar, a pleasant warmth appears, friend stands up and rises during the act. Erection stable, sex time will be prolonged, vivid sensations. I note that the drug has an effect and the sensitivity of the woman. More abundant than Gel acts as a lubricant when vaginal dryness the penetration easier. I have improved the quality of the sperm, before she was thicker and had a not very pleasant smell. Now girlfriend initiated oral sex, although she avoided until then. Titanium good effect on my health, love life and mental state. I was more relaxed and self-confident, not afraid of fat cells in the bed or just lose the desire. Libido, on the contrary, only intensified: I'm ready for the fight without long foreplay and extra Stimulation. I the packaging is not enough, and I will continue to order more. The price for such an effective and useful Tool at all funny, is only vain cheaper. On the website of the application, treat it quickly, without delay, deliver.
  • Kristian
    Titanium works gradually and has a complex effect. 1 week, no special changes have been made. Just the accumulation of nutrients was in the deeper layers of the skin and cavernous bodies. In spite of the fact that the effects are only superficial, active components are penetrated into the blood stream quickly. In the 2. Week, there was an improvement of the erection. She was stronger and more durable. The sensitivity of the sexual organs is improved. A slow addition of sizes in both length and girth began. In the 3. Week sex organ an attractive Form, the output of the head clear. Increases the duration of sexual intercourse, the sensations from Sex are completely different. More fun and I and a partner. In the 4. Week extent, has reached its climax. In length of almost 5 cm, perimeter 2 cm, In the erection of the settings have not changed. To apply titanium You can use alone as well as together with the girl. It turns into an interesting sexual game. Rubbing alcohol Gel after showering (when the skin is good to steam the pores, and the opened to the maximum) gives the best results. The authority took due to the natural processes, and not with the help of hormones.
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